City Time & Other Poems… By Vihang A. Naik – Book Review

City Times

Title : City Times & Other Poems

Author : Vihang A. Naik

Pages : 81 (e-version)

Genre : Poetry

Publisher : Author House


Rating : 4/5


Review :

“‘City times & other poems’ is a beautiful collection of poems. It takes you across different shades of life & experiences. Its rich content & offbeat poetic structure makes it a wonderful read.”

This poetry compilation serves a totally different flavor of poetry. If you’re expecting the usual rhyme-to-rhyme poems, you’ve been misled. Vihang’s poems are crisp and short. A lot is conveyed in minimum possible words, maintaining the decorum & integrity of poetry.

It was good to read a new and subtle poetic genre in a while. ‘City time & …’ is a good respite from the usual form of poetry. I loved his style and choice of words. Albeit, I might have missed the full flavor of his poems as I am usually exposed to the rhyming-sort of poems.

Vihang’s poems come as a fresh gush of wind, refreshing your mind and soul. I loved the captious element, hanging around each poem, waiting to be discovered, appraised & embraced. I am already inspired to try something other than the traditional stuff. Life’s all about new experiences and new heights.

My best picks for this collection are :

‘You revealed the edge’
‘Man as he is, folly’
‘He is different behind’
‘Say what all you can’
‘At the shore’
‘After Innocence’
‘City voice’
‘Midnight city’

From the first poem itself, Vihang gives an insight on his flavor and charm. His representation of city life coupled with different experiences is worth spending your time upon. One of his poem, ‘On visiting grandpa’s house’, is a beautifully crafted piece. I omitted it from ‘My Picks’ because it deserves a special mention.

All-in-All, I would say ‘City times….’ is a great compilation of poems. It’s off offbeat & debonair nature gives it an appealing feel. I would surely recommend this book to all the poetry enthusiasts who want a different flavor in poetry.

You can buy the book here.


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