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Welcome to the ‘BLOG TOUR’ of ‘Finders, Keepers’ by Sapan. The book is creating sensational hype on the market and you could be the one to grab the free ‘Autographed Copy’ of Finders, Keepers.

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Finders, Keepers. Losers, Weepers.

Two men are murdered in settings which speak volumes of involvement of some sacred cynicism. A psycho-killer on the loose? Or is this the beginning of something much more grave and dangerous?

This is the tale of how Deputy Director, I.B., Shoumik Haldar and celebrated author Ishan Vajpayee exercise all their tools of conventional and unconventional deduction to solve the puzzles thrown across by the enemy, yet unrevealed.

Intertwined intensely with the opulent mythological tales and specimens attributing to the rich cultural heritage of this country, the story depicts the resurgence of a dormant historical sect, which attacks the very foundations of one of the most powerful and secreted organizations of all times.

Spread across the length and breadth of the entire Indian subcontinent, read the mystery as it unravels with the duo travelling from one corner of the country to another searching for the signs.


Brought up in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Sapan did B. Tech in Information & Technology from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. He started taking interest in writing on various spiritual and mythological subjects during his college days and his work found place in leading newspapers on many occasions. His profession is engineering but writing is his passion. He connects and finds links of modernization with mythology having keen interest in the same.

Sapan married in the year 2011 and is now the proud father of a toddler. A responsible father, a loving husband, a supportive brother and a caring son, Sapan generates time to write.

The present book is a fictional work, a perfect blend of riddles with history and mythology, and is full of suspense till the last page.





Some Newspaper coverage about the book:

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  1. I have always had an interest in Mythological stories, be it through DD National, Chandamama/Amar chitra Katha story books or anything for that matter. It is always fascinating to read about people and events which seemed to have lived/occurred many decades ago. I had once visited a library in a Temple premises and was more interested in the range of books that they had had. What a collection. They were available in all sizes, smaller/cartoon types for kids and thick ones for the elders. I just love reading those.

    This new book, Finders, Keepers gives an interesting twist to my perspective of mythological stories. A connection between the current generation and some mysterious/mythological past seems to be intriguing. Would love to read the book.

    Good Luck, Sapan.

  2. Mysteries are being explored by young Indian writers.
    There is a Shocking science behind the Hindu traditions and mythological stories. This requires to pass on to the new argumentive generations to enable them to understand logically.
    With all wishes

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