“Orange sky is ready to vanish in darkness as the sun is ready to take a leave from today’s hectic schedule. He’ll be out of sight for quite a long time to gather all his energy back to be able to enlighten our day once again with same enthusiasm as always.” Rohit recited it all to Apeksha while sitting on their favorite spot;  a lonely bench on a lonely ghat of Banaras.

Rohit loved these 15 minutes of his life when he could just runaway from his uncle’s cycle repair shop and sit with her best friend Apeksha after her music classes. Rohit was a school drop out from the age of 12 so that he could earn bread for his fatherless family. He was now 14 years old. Apeksha’s voice was the only thing that cherishes Rohit’s life. Apeksha was 12 years old and was best friend of Rohit.

“Birds are leaving back to their nests after the whole adventurous day. They are ready to tell bunch of stories to other birds back there. A strange excitement can be seen on their faces. The whole environment is excited to prepare for the next day but I could feel something strange.” Rohit stopped abruptly. Apeksha tighten her grip on her knee length skirt. Rohit smiled to see her reaction. She was listening to her.

“Something is surely strange, but what?” He took a dramatic pause and then continued, “Oh yes, Apeksha’s sweet smile is missing.” Instantly Apeksha smiled and Rohit felt his heart beating faster.

Rohit took out the gift he made for Apeksha, out of her pocket. That was the ring he made using the scrap of his cycle shop. Some bent wire and other things carved beautifully to give it a shape of a ring. Rohit slipped it in Apeksha’s finger. ‘One day, I’ll turn it into gold’, he thought.

The moment he gave her the ring, the car honked distantly. Apeksha had to leave. She took out her stick and black glasses and made her way towards the car. Yes, she was blind and Rohit loved to recite the beauty of their favorite spot, every evening.


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  1. hi… nice work… bt u need2 change som things… u say rohit byt u write her…its he…not her….also chekc pls befor publshing… thnks


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