Arisha opened her eyes slowly. Confused and puzzled, all she could see was a big round ceiling fan above her. It was not rotating. She turned her head and saw an open window shaded by translucent white curtains that allowed quite a bit of sunlight to enter the room. The light was too bright for her at that moment—her eyes had just opened from darkness—and it made her eyelids shut again soon.

“My dear, you are lucky to be alive. You need rest now.” She turned and saw a doctor and a nurse sitting on the blue sofa in her room. A big and beautiful bouquet had been placed alongside—it had her favourite flowers. Arisha was always fascinated and enchanted by the mere sight of purple tulips and rare black roses. And there had to be over fifty of each in that bouquet.

The doctor and nurse were smiling at her. Seeing Arisha’s confusion, they moved towards her to comfort her. The nurse gently placed her hand on Arisha’s forehead, holding her hand as well. Arisha asked the doctor, “Where am I? Where is Samar? And what happened to me?”

The doctor smiled. His name tag read ‘Tyagi’. “You are in Yogi hospital. You are lucky indeed to be alive after everything that happened to you. Rest and don’t talk much.”

Saying this, Dr Tyagi left the room. Arisha felt trapped in a kind of twisted maze, which seemed hard to escape. She was tangled in a mesh of questions that she needed to find answers to. The nurse too said her goodbye and left the room after closing the window and turning down the lights.

“What happened to me? Why am I in this hospital? How come I’m alone? Where is Samar?” Arisha wondered, struggling to recall the last few hours.


“I had the drink he gave me. And I started feeling dizzy. I hugged him and then everything went blank.” The last sight she remembered was the setting sun, but she recalled the moment when he lifted her in his arms.

“Oh, my God! Did he drug me? Did he put something into that drink he gave me?”

Tears welled up in her grey eyes. She was still able to recall a glimpse of the scene when he walked towards the car with her in his arms.

“Why did the doctor claim that I am lucky to be alive after what happened to me? And why aren’t they telling me what happened? There is something for sure that wasn’t good. What could he do with me that I had to be admitted to the hospital? Why did he offer me the drink and then pull it back? There was surely a drug in that drink. Did he rape me after that? How is it possible? He loved me more than his life. Then why did he do this to me? Why?”

She could feel her heart pumping faster. A strange anxiety started flowing along with her blood through her veins. She couldn’t understand it at all. She tried to relax, but passed out again. Her tears were still visible on her cheeks. When she woke again, she was in agony. The boy she loved the most in this world…how could he do this to her? How could he misuse her love like this? How could he just shatter her trust and walk away?

Her mind moved back into the past; Arisha thought back to how it had all started…the lovely story of Arisha and Samar’s togetherness.


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