Gravity versus Love

The month went by happily. Samar and Arisha partied most days, even as she collected everything that she needed to take with her to Mumbai. The college term was over and she was awaiting her results. Their closeness was beyond explanation. People envied their bond and some did gossip, but the two of them didn’t bother. They had their plan chalked out, and it was simple. Arisha wanted to work for a year or two and then settle down with him. They had big dreams of marriage, love, children, money, family and everything else that they could think of. It seemed like a perfect life.

One day, when the duo was driving up to a movie theatre, Samar asked Arisha, “Tell me something, do you believe in gravity?”

“Of course, Samar, I do. What are you up to now?”

“And do you believe in love?”

“I do. Don’t you know this by now?”

“And which is more powerful?” He was just being naughty and wanted to puzzle her.

She thought for a moment.

“Give me some time. I will find the answer soon and tell you.”

They reached the theatre. He parked his car and went to the ticket counter.

There was no queue; it was a weekday. There were still a couple of hours before the movie, so they sat in a small Chinese restaurant near the theatre.

“I’ll have my favourite Cheese Szechuann,” Arisha announced as soon as she sat down.

He smiled and ordered it.

They looked out of the window and saw an old man sitting on the pavement with an old lady, presumably his wife. They were wearing torn clothes and seemed just a little better off than the rest of the beggars in the area. Arisha’s heart softened, and she watched closely.


The old man had a piece of bread in his hand. It looked a bit old, as if he had picked it out of the garbage. He broke off a small piece and fed it to the woman. She ate it and then fed him a piece.

“How can love be so pure? They are so poor! A rotten piece of bread is what he is eating happily with her. And she is enjoying it. Isn’t this heavenly, Samar? I wish I could do something for them. We rarely see such old couples these days.”

“Hmm…. Come, our food is ready. Let’s eat fast, or else we will be late for the movie.”

Arisha turned back to the table.

“How cold hearted can Samar be! How come he can’t see the plight of those two old people? He is so rich. Then why can’t he help them even a little?” So many thoughts raced through her mind.

“Oh, sorry Arisha. I just got a call from my office. I have to take it.” Holding his phone, he walked out of the café.

Arisha had lost her appetite. She was still lost in thought. She left the dish and went to the door to take a look at the old couple.

Very quickly she was back, her appetite returned.

Samar finished his call and came back to the table.

“Nice to see you have finished it all, girl! Come, let’s go. It’s almost time for the movie,” Samar said.

They went into the hall and sat down. There was hardly anyone in the theatre.

“Samar, I want chocolate. Anything will do. Can you get me one before the movie starts, please?”

“Sure, honey. Just give me a minute.”

He went out and got one. The movie started. They held hands throughout. When it was almost over, she said, “You wanted an answer to your question, Samar. I will give it to you now.”

Samar was surprised. During the film she had been talking weirdly—what was going on? She opened the wrapper and took a bite of the chocolate, then leaned forward, hugged him tightly and asked him to close his eyes.

As soon as he did, she kissed him softly. He could taste the chocolate on her lips. It was indeed the sweetest kiss he had ever got. But she didn’t stop. She parted her lips and opened his too. She was kissing him passionately.

Samar was stunned. He literally rose from his chair.

She finally stopped and looked into his eyes.

“You got your answer! You rose from your chair. Love defied gravity!” She smiled at him as they walked out of the hall.

She was extremely happy and so was he. She went jumping and smiling to the car, opened the door and sat inside.

“Arisha, you are just….”.

“Don’t say a word, my dear. You asked me something. And I answered it in the best way I could think of.” He just smiled and started the car.

She knew he wanted to know why she had suddenly kissed him like that.

“I know what’s going on in your mind. I’ll explain. When you got that call in the restaurant, I was thinking about that old couple. I went out to look at them. And I saw you talking to them. You lied about the call. I saw you giving them a new pack of bread and a bottle of jam. It was a small thing, but it was enough for them at that moment,” she said.

“I just wanted the old man and the lady to enjoy some better moments together. Love, that too such ageless love, should be respected.”

“I know, sweetheart. But why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I don’t believe in doing something and boasting about it. Some things should be done quietly.”

“But I saw you. And that was when I thought of the answer to your question. You were rewarded not for your love, but by your love,” she said with a smile.

She admitted to him that initially she had thought him to be mean and heartless. She regretted that now, but she was very happy. She felt blessed to be with him. She had broken almost all her rules for him. She had devoted herself to him and his love. Love had indeed defied gravity.


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