Title : Democracy 2.0: Algorithm of change
Author : Krishna Kumar
Pages : 592
Genre : Political Fiction
Publisher :  Leadstart Publication

Rating :

Cover : 2.5/5
Title : 3.5/5
Storyline : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 3/5
Dialogues : 3/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

Three mavericks – Aditya, an IAS topper, Siddhanta, a Harvard drop-out and Devanjali, a top-notch media-woman, by a combination of circumstances, come to a remote village and set up ‘The Ara Club’, the secret meeting place that attracts some of the best young professionals of India who nurture similar ambitions of systemic changes. Together, they work out a formidable new-age movement, the ‘Post-Gandhian Movement’, which happens to be full with stunning ideas of change. Soon, it catches the fancy of the urban middle-class and the rural India alike and snowballs into a great revolution which demolishes various stereotypes of Indian politics and society and goes to establish the new version of democracy, called ‘Democracy 2.0’ that meets the aspirations of a modern India.

A powerful saga of love, passion, renunciation and hope expressing itself through the macabre socio-political reality of the day.


  • Unique Plot.
  • Politically correct.
  • Thoroughly researched and demands to be discussed on larger/bigger platforms.


  • Cover.
  • Average writing style.


Time changes, people changes and everything around us keeps on changing. Change is the demand of time. Democracy 2.0 speaks about the change we need in our country. It not only talks but also provides the solution which is so concrete that it deserves to be debated on a platform from where it can reach the ears of the present system.

Democracy 2.0 is about three mavericks, who wants to start a revolution from their secret meeting place ‘The Ara Club’. Krishna Kumar has laid down the whole story that it can leave a long term impact on his readers. The character of Aditya, inspires a lot. His passion towards his country and his hard decision taking ability does leave various thoughts in our mind.

Plot and the idea of the book makes the overall packaging pretty interesting. But being a motive oriented book, it will not entertain every other reader. Krishna Kumar does confess that he is not a ‘writer’, he had an idea and he just woven it around a simple yet effective story. He lacks a bit in writing style.

Democracy 2.0 is a special book for all those who takes interest in latest political scenario of our country. Krishna Kumar seems to be thoroughly researched with his topic and his ideas regarding the ‘writing of democracy’s second version’ seems to be an interesting thought. Another thing which I liked about the book is the idea of planting ‘sleeping cells’ by Aditya in the system by giving them coaching of IAS and calling them to ‘The Ara Club’ for further discussions over the system’s present scenario.


Democracy 2.0 is not just a book to ‘read’, it’s a book to ‘think’ about. A must read for all the policy makers and thinkers.


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