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Title : Exit Point
Author : Anil Goel
Pages : 507
Genre : Sci-Fi/Tech Fiction
Publisher :  Leadstart Publication

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Title : 3.5/5
Storyline : 4/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

Set in a chillingly probable 2016, Exit Point is tech thriller that takes us into a dark, mysterious online world where an ancient mystery is finally unravelling after centuries. Startling events that seem unrelated at first begin to fall together into a plot that that cuts across Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, London, America – and ultimately all of mankind. From Adam and Eve. To us.

A dozen sharks go berserk off the coast of Bondi Beach and land up dead with terrible burn marks on their nose. A super-intelligent teenage girl is found dead with no apparent cause and her father, implicated in another murder in the same house, at the same time, insists he doesn’t know how she died. The investigating team gets a mysterious tip-off – the girl was chatting with another teenager on a social networking site at the exact time she died. A young reclusive tech genius is contemplating a suicide pact with an online soul mate who suddenly disappears.

As these seemingly disconnected events begin to come together into an existential crisis thundering towards mankind itself, all hopes lie with Alok – and his quest to find his intimate. At all of 17 years of age, he saved a country. At 25, can he save humanity?”

Beauty :

  • Storyline – fresh and unique.
  • Probable tech world’s concepts.
  • Writing Style.
  • Start-Up. The Beginning is catchy and pacy.
  • Episodes of Mark’s hunt (the middle portion).

Beast :

  • Climax.
  • Too much of technicality.

Review :

Tech thrillers are very rare in Indian market or we can also quote this as every other genre except the regular ‘love & romance’ and mythology (thanks to Amish) , is pretty rare sight for the Indian section of the bookstores. So first of all I would like to congratulate the author Anil Goel for taking up the risk of writing up something new.

This novel is his second attempt towards tech thrillers. The title, ‘Exit Point : On the internet no one knows you are dead…’ creates a huge hype of expectations in the readers mind as the title is pretty catchy and anticipating.

The book starts with a bang. It shows an internet blackout in Australia in the year 2004 which results in something unusual in the oceans and affects the sharks living inside them. Starting is pretty confusing but slowly picks the pace and keeps on demanding for the reader’s attention and eventually till the start of the main theme of the book, reader finds himself wondering ‘What’s going to happen next’.

With the entry of Alok in the Shane’s investigation of a suspicious death of a girl, the author starts to play with the imagination of readers. The wannabe technologies of the future world will keep you gasping because the author is pretty good in it.

Story mainly revolves around the futuristic social networking site called ‘X-Net’ and an external app called ‘Death-Switch’. I loved the way the author takes liberty to explain everything to the reader, layer by layer, without making his reader lose his attentiveness.

Middle portion of the book is dedicated to Mark; the founder of X-Net. That portion is my personal favorite.

After the chase, comes the most important part and that is the ‘Exit Point’ and the mystery behind the blackout and the subsequent death of Megan. Now that’s the portion which I felt a bit disappointing. I didn’t expect the climax to be so mediocre. I had pretty high expectations with the climax part.

Another thing which I felt wrong with the book was too much of technicality involved in it. There’s a point where the reader feels totally detached with the main story and gets lost in the technical stuffs.

In the end I would also like to put forward a point which I loved about the book. It’s the originality of the plot. We have seen or heard so many concepts regarding the D-day of the humanity, about the purpose of the humanity on earth, future of human race; but I never heard anything like this before. The chat between the ‘HE’ and ‘SHE’ was a delight for those who keeps an intellectual touch within themselves.

Verdict :

For reading a purely different and original storyline, do read this book. It will not allow you to think of anything else other than the ‘Future’.



  1. very nice article. I have not read the book but now after going through the blog I am planning to get the book and read it at the earliest.thank u for the wonderful review.


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