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Title : The Symbol
Author : Varun Gautam
Pages : 229
Genre : Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 3/5
Cover & Blurb : 2.5/5
Story-line : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

A perfectly written script goes awry when Arjun encounters the unexpected. His belief in occult injustice solidifies when he, on one hand, fails to clear the much coveted IMS entrance exam and on the other hand, his friend Mohan gets more than what he deserved in life. Unable to cope up with this unfairness, he becomes directionless. With no way forward and some strained relations, he reaches the peak of monotony in his life and has nowhere to draw his inspiration from. One day suddenly he gets hold of a device called The Symbol which promises to solve all his problems.

Can The Symbol help him come out of his woes?

Review :

We all look for the symbols in our life when we get stuck in a situation where we have two or more ways to go choose from. It is very difficult to choose the correct path or the path chosen by us is the only correct path? That’s the mystery of life.

The Symbol is a perfectly carved story about a young man, Arjun. Story basically revolves around three friends Dhruv, Mohan and Arjun but the main focus is on Arjun and how his life gets affected by two major events of his life. First was his failure in IMS exam and another by the Mohan’s unusual luck in life.

Talking about the good things about the book. First thing which gets noticed by the reader is the writing style of the author. He keeps his vocab simple but plays with the words and creates magic within the sentences. Another thing is the constant flow of the story. It keeps on getting crispier on the go. Next was the characterization; I loved the portrayal of Arjun. In the first half, the reader will hate him and in the second half, he will get totally opposite response. Another character which was interesting to be read was Arjun’s father. Loved the portrayal of a ‘different’ kind of a father. The character of Dhruv looked a bit incomplete to me but I’ll not blame the author for it because the way he chose to deliver the story, it was pretty difficult to be dealt with.

There were few concepts which caught my eyes. Firstly the 0’s and 1’s concept. Another was the relation of cricket with the Arjun’s life. And lastly, the symbol itself. The story of the symbol starts at the perfect time in the story. It does create a sudden hype in the storyline. Another point where I felt in the same manner was when Rajeev’s life gets crossed with the Arjun’s.

Now the negatives. First thing is the cover; it misleads and nowhere matches with the theme of the book. Second is the way, the symbol is left unexplained in the end of the book. In the book, I felt some points left unexplained.

Verdict :

Whenever in life, you feel unsatisfied or felt that god was unfair, do read this book. A must read for the young generation of our country who are striving to make a mark in different fields. Deserves to become a bestseller.


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