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Title : The Bhairav Putras
Author : Suhail Mathur
Pages : 344
Genre : Historical Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover & Blurb : 4/5
Story-line : 4.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

Revolution is about to begin. One man with his fistful of team of revolutionaries are preparing themselves to uproot the Britishers from Bhairavgarh.

While most of the India grapples under the rule of the foreign yoke, the small but hustling bustling town of Bhairavgarh suddenly goes through a transitional phase as the mighty Britishers set up their cantonment in the town. With events that unease, shock, and violate the sentiments and emotions of the townsfolk, one man – Keshav, the young & dynamic son of the local Zamindar, cautiously gathers a group of men from different walks of life and with different motives, and carefully and strategically plans the unthinkable, a revolution-a revolution to overthrow the Britishers not just by force or might, but also through wit & intellect!What happens when a group of men take on the might of the powerful British empire and embark on a journey full of action, adventure, planning, plotting, bloodshed, conspiracy & patriotism, to encounter four mysterious strangers, while in search of a long forgotten book written in the times of Emperor Ashoka, which holds the answer to several secrets, who turn & alter the course of the future events, even as the English are besieged with numerous problems ranging from the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, to Gandhi’s ways & means of achieving Independence. 

Beauty :

  • Storyline – unique and gripping.
  • Characterization.
  • Writing Style.
  • Cocktail of facts with fiction presented with a touch of myth.
  • Brilliance in the art of story-telling.

Beast :

  • The myth portion was quite predictable.
  • Last encounter between Robbin and Keshav was a bit ‘filmy’.

Review :

Indian writing style is slowly getting transformed from a single monotonous genre of Romance and trying to explore the best of other worlds as well and this debut novel of Suhail Mathur can surely be named as an important milestone in the journey of this transformation. THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS is a brilliant debut work and shows the brilliance of it’s author.

Now starting from the first look of the book. It’s title does confuses with Amish Tripathi’s novel ‘The Vayuputras’ and leaves an impression over the reader that it would be a kind of mythological fantasy fiction but thanks to the detailed blurb, confusion gets clarified soon. The story starts with the arrival of the cunning Britisher John Robbins in the town of Bhairavgarh. The first scene itself is so brilliantly written that the reader will get himself attached emotionally with the storyline and this attachment will be maintained by the author till the last page of the novel.

Talking about the characters. They seems to be just apt and vivid in a unique manner. Each character has it’s own set of beliefs and sticks to them till the very end. Author has kept the fact in mind that the characters are of the period of 1940’s while designing their traits and that proves to be the another beauty of it.

Twists and turns are placed at the right place and the writing style itself create the aura of suspense whenever the reader demands for it. The best thing about the book is that the facts are blended within the fiction perfectly and the touch of myth proves to be a kind of Midas touch over the whole storyline.

Now the negatives. Though the overall story seems to be perfect but I felt two things which could be made stronger. Firstly, the myth portion was predictable. Last few pages looked worthless to be read. Another thing which I found weak was the last encounter of Robbins and Keshav. That was way to filmy and being a true reader I would never encourage the filmy non-sense in my book.

Conclusion :

One of it’s kind and succeeds to provide a magical experience of patriotism for the reader, definitely a trend-setter. MUST READ!


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