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Title : Vasu and the Matsya Temple
Author : Rajeev Tanwar
Pages : 211
Genre : Fantasy Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover & Blurb : 4/5
Story-line : 3/5
Writing Style : 3/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 3/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

Fate of Vasu got written on his first day of birth when his father gifted him with a locket he have just founded.

On the day of his birth, Vasu is kidnapped. Destiny has chosen him to bring Peace back on Earth. Will he be able to find the long lost Divine Ashtamangala Symbols to defeat the evil Samraat Viraat Shatru? Join Vasu in his quest that takes him on an incredible journey into the depths of Ocean where no Bhoomivaasi has ever been before!

The Ashtamangala Trilogy begins…. THERE CAN BE No Triumph without Loss. No Victory without Suffering. No Freedom without Sacrifice. And No Peace without War! All will be sacrificed. All will be lost. Unless all unite and join Vasu’s fight against Evil. Witness MYTH turn into REALITY!

Beauty :

  • Theme.
  • Cover and Blurb.
  • Characters.
  • Detailed description of fantasy elements.

Beast :

  • Middle portion of the book.
  • Dialogues.

Review :

Fantasy fiction is very rare in Indian market. I would like to congratulate the author for trying to write a novel on this genre. This novel is for sure a brilliant and the bravest attempt of the author and it’s team.

Forwarding towards the review section. The first look over the cover and the blurb captivate the senses and forces the reader to buy the copy. Tag-line as ‘Ashtamangala adventures of Vasu’ does leave a good impression on the fantasy lovers. The book starts in a very mysterious way when Sridhar, a archaeologist finds a strange corpse during his work and on the same time, his son, Vasu takes birth. On the first day itself he gets kidnapped by the evil because of the locket, his father has gifted him when he saw Vasu for the first time. So this kind of start does kicks the adrenaline flow within the reader and he starts to expect more from the novel.

When the middle portion of the book starts, author describes some of the underwater castle fantasy elements for example the description of Sandy and it’s friends, dolphins, castle specialties, etc. Authors tries to make the reader, crystal clear about his imagination of underwater world and that’s what I felt fall flat on the reader. The story starts to get stretched and the reader starts to feel bored. The journey to Mount Sumeru, the underwater valcano, looked mediocre, there was nothing for the reader which he couldn’t predict. Another thing which bothered me was the dialogues, they were making me feel that I am reading some children’s book.

Now with the end of the middle portion of the book, comes the climax portion. The journey to Matsya temple was indeed pretty good. The climax part takes the reader, again on the roller coaster ride of imagination of the author and makes the overall reading experience of reader as worth reading. As this book is the part of the series of a trilogy, I do expect that other two books would for sure be much more adventurous than this one because the two most powerful characters of the book, Rani Roopmati and Maharaja Siddhivarun, were pretty silent in this part. I can expect a lot from these two characters as they are defined in this part.

Conclusion :

Do read to take a fantasy ride of the underwater world. The book is full of the elements of imagination of the author and will not disappoint the fantasy lovers at all.



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