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Title : Hackster – The Revolution Begins…
Author : Sankalp Kohli & Paritosh Yadav
Pages : 291
Genre : Science Fiction/Thriller

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover & Blurb : 4/5
Story-line : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 3/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 3.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

What happened when people lost faith in the system? One stood up and opened the doors of a revolution. History has it that such men have the power to bring a nation to a standstill.

Revelations of the past have shattered Vikram and left him in extreme agony. Fueled by the universe of vibrations and his father’s legacy, he must now trigger a digital revolution that will leave India leaderless. When Vikram tries to dig up the a research of his father on which he was working, he finds out that the research was the reason which took away his parents from him. He decides to complete the research and initiate a plan which will create a situation of havoc in the country.

A special unit, CIST has been set up by the President to take on the growing cyber threats. Led by Arjun, CIST tracks down its target, but soon finds itself helpless in the kaleidoscope of cyber war. Arjun has to face his biggest fear now, and that is failure. He finds it difficult to match up with his enemy.

The Kingmaker of Indian politics shivers at the sight of the upcoming war. Will Vikram be able to destroy everything or Arjun will succeed to stop him? Who will reach the kill switch first?

Beauty :

  • Cover and Blurb.
  • Overall theme.
  • Protagonist’s Plan (The whole BSE episode).
  • Characterization of Arjun and Vikram.

Beast :

  • Slow start-up.
  • Climax.

Review :

Hackster, as the name suggests is about the world of hacking and concentrate upon the theme of cyber war situation. While reading the book I could see the immense research and knowledge regarding hacking gathered by the authors before starting to write over this subject. They have beautifully carved their background effort with the story and finally presented it in the form of a good thriller. So for choosing such a theme to write over, I would like to appreciate the authors.

Now, talking about the first look. Cover and the blurb are fabulous. Amol Karambe’s effort over the cover design is commendable. Blurb is intact, as in, not too short not too long. It presents the main theme intelligently. Proceeding with the story, the story doesn’t kick starts. I was expecting it to start with a BAAM! but it wasn’t like that, it takes a bit longer to settle down and tries to take over the mind of reader and make him believe that something big is going to happen. I felt it as a drawback because the reader is made to wait too long to see the real action.

With the beginning of BSE episodes, The thrill catches up the veins of the reader. Cyber war depiction is thoroughly researched by the author and is brilliantly portrayed as well. This thrill and action continues till the end of the novel when last few pages were remaining. Being a reader I was expecting a grand climax because the author wanted me to anticipate so. But I was disappointed to see an abrupt ending. I re-read the climax again but still was very confused. There’s nothing wrong with the climax but still, somewhere, I felt that the climax was unable to match up with the hype created during the middle section of the novel.

Conclusion :

Hackster is surely a novel to be read by the masses. It is heavily packed with action, thrill and hacking. Give it a shot, you’ll surely love it.


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