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At a time when debut writers tend to stick to campus romance and follow a predictable storyline, Yash Pawaskar’s debut novel ‘When We Clicked – A twisted love story?’ has managed to break the clutter and captivate its readers with a fresh and humorous story. His book is a brilliant read and got successful to grab 4.5 ratings from us. So here’s Yash Pawaskar for you.


Let us start by knowing a bit about you. What defines Yash Pawaskar?
I consider myself as a traveler, enjoying the journey called life. Just like everyone in their twenties, I am also discovering the world and in the process discovering myself. What defines me is the way I perceive the world.

Your book ‘When We Clicked’ has been published recently, from where did the idea of penning down such an unusual ‘love story’ come to your mind?
I started with the thought of weaving a short story but I wasn’t working on it consciously. I had the ‘Eureka’ moment in the middle of the night where my subconscious mind took me back to the concept of a play that I had developed during my college days. The play never materialized but when I fused that idea with the short story that I was planning to write, it resulted in a story that I would have liked to read. In that way, a base for the novel was created and as I started working on it, various characters’ came to life and that gave rise to When We Clicked – A twisted love story?

When we clicked - front cover

What’s the reaction from the readers? What were you expecting?
Readers have been gracious with their praise for my debut venture. Since my book follows an innovative narrating style, I was a bit apprehensive whether it will be accepted or not. Fortunately, readers have not only accepted it but loved the entire concept.
When We Clicked has a lot to offer, as in, it has poems, stand-up comedy-like sections, hilarious dream sequences, witty dialogues, emotional and philosophical conversations, Sachin Tendulkar, Katrina Kaif, car racing, thrill and chills, and the baap of all, the twist. There was something for everyone. Some have loved the poems while some have immensely liked the humor and everyone has enjoyed the story.

Do you write often or is it just an occasional thing?
I work as a creative content writer, so I cannot afford to write occasionally, can I? I write for a living and I absolutely love it. When I am not working, I like to write blog posts, so writing is a daily affair for me.

Are you an avid reader? Which is your favorite book? And your favorite author?
Yes, I read often and I have grown-up in the Harry Potter universe. J.K. Rowling is nothing short of a guru for me and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book.

Your book starts with a disclaimer. What was your mindset when you decided to start like that?
This is a unique book and I wanted to be honest to the readers. When We Clicked is not your traditional love story and I wanted to convey it to the readers at the outset. When readers start with the story after reading the disclaimer, they know exactly what to expect and how to approach the book.

What are your hobbies?
Movies, Music, Books, Sports and Traveling

Your book is full of humor. Do you possess the same nature as well?
I am a positive person and humor helps me stay positive. I think people should refrain from cheap jokes and engage in intelligent humor. Smiling and making people smile is what I believe in and I practice what I preach.

Which is your most memorable experience so far, regarding writing When We Clicked?
The entire writing process has been an immersive experience. I enjoyed being in the headspace of various characters, and live and shape their lives.

From what we’ve heard, readers are appraising your writing style and narration. There’s already a demand for another book from your side. What do you’ve to say to that?
I have a few concepts in mind but haven’t zeroed in on any one yet. I don’t want to write the next book just for the heck of it, I am again waiting for that ‘Eureka’ moment. The second book is definitely on the cards.

Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why?
Albus Dumbledore has had a huge influence on my life, I would love to meet him and I will kill you if you tell me that he is not a real person.

You published your book with Leadstart Publication. How was your experience?
The entire Leadstart team has been supportive. Thanks to them my book is available across online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Infibeam etc, and in select bookstores all over India.

Do you have any advice for budding & emerging writers?
Patience is an important virtue that every writer must possess, especially in the current scenario. Patience while writing, waiting to be published, after being published and promoting your book. Authors must also take an active part in promoting their book and not rely on publishers to do everything.

If you have to describe the ‘The Author’s Blog’ in one word, what would that be?


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‘When We Clicked’ is available online at Amazon, Infibeam, Flipkart.
You can connect with Yash Pawaskar on Facebook.
You can also read our review of ‘When We Clicked’ Here.



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