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Title : Private India
Author : Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Pages : 470
Genre : Suspense/Thriller

Ratings :

Title : 4.5/5
Cover : 4.5/5
Story-line : 4/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

Mumbai, a place where dreams get transformed into reality. But this season is a bit different. It has became the season of Murder in Mumbai. Seemingly unconnected people are dying, strangled in a chilling ritual and with strange objects carefully arranged with the corpses.

For Santosh Wagh, head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest investigation agency, it’s a race against time to stop the killer striking again.

In a city of over thirteen million, he’d have his work cut out at the best of times, but this case has him battling Mumbai’s biggest gang lord and a godman who isn’t all he seems.

And then he discovers there may be an even greater danger facing Private India. Hidden in the shadows is someone who could destroy the whole organisation – along with thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens…

Beauty :

  • Pacy plot.
  • Chilling twist and turns.
  • Innovating typesetting.
  • Small chapters.
  • Simple Language.
  • Brilliant storytelling.

Beast :

  • Frankly speaking…. there’s none.

Review :

Well, it was truly unexpected to see the collaboration of such great talents in the same genre, James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi. It was truly a pleasure to see the ‘Private’ series getting expanded to India as well. Like everyone else, I too had great expectation from this collaboration and finally here’s what I feel.

First look towards the cover is enough to give you goosebumps. Gateway of India and Taj Hotel explaining that the main theme is based on Mumbai and that regular frame for ‘Private’ series books, man looking behind and running. And finally the Tag line, “It’s the season for murder in Mumbai.” Now that give you the motivation to pick up the book of 470 pages.

Now talking about the storyline. Story picks up it’s momentum pretty early without wasting any time and keeps up the pace till the end. The whole story is divided in small chapters, which helps you to switch over the scenes pretty quickly. Now the font is kept large enough to make it a quick turner and that’s the another beauty of this awesome thriller.

Ashwin Sanghi has given this book a mythological/ancient Indian touch and with that he claims his presence over the storyline. This book speaks about the sparkling lights and darkest sight of Mumbai as well. James Patterson’s Private Department is impressive as always and throughout the book, it’s pretty difficult to guess the murderer.

The only reason that I am taking off 0.5 ratings and not giving it 5 is that I expected much more than what I got. Maybe I expects a lot. But overall, this book is awesome.


Conclusion :

For all the Thriller lovers out there, I just want to say that you can’t even think about skipping this collaboration. Go and grab it for sure.



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