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Title : When only love remains
Author : Durjoy Datta
Pages : 278
Genre : Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover : 3.0/5
Story-line : 2.5/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 3.0/5
Characters : 3/5
Overall : 3.0/5


A flight attendant, living her dreams, young, attractive but not very happy with her love life. Whenever she’s sad or wanted to escape from reality, she just plucks her ear phone and listen to his songs. He is nothing but a heart broken singer who is going to be a big name soon. She is a big fan of his and somehow connects with his words and songs.

They met, they fall in love and then one incident was enough to put their love on stake…. What will happen, ‘When only love remains..’?


  • Unusual beginning or setup.
  • Constant and lovable pace.
  • Perfect Characterization of different characters.
  • Simple Language.
  • Soulful writing (Durjoy’s forte).


  • Pretty long and a lot stretched one.
  • Attached stories were totally left over or can say forgotten.
  • Not able to keep the reader’s attention longer.


Durjoy is pretty famous between the females and I can say that this one will not disappoint them. He was famous for his sex talks too but now he keeps him away from it which definitely going to disappoint the ‘Sex’ lovers. This book is pretty pure and talks about ‘True Love’ in it’s purest form.

Durjoy tries pretty bravely to take up an unusual setup to start the story and I personally loved that part. I felt gripped with the story till both the ‘lovers’ met for the first time. When I was lost to think what’s going to happen in the second half (and I was really expecting something great), I was left disappointed with the prolonged description of the story at hospital and that’s where I felt that the story is getting stretched a lot without any purpose.

There are two things about this novel which keeps the story alive. First, the portrayal of human’s best emotion, that is, love. Durjoy poured his heart over in this one. Every sentence talks about his brilliance in writing. And the second one is a character of Avanti’s father. A lost Mathematician who tries to connect with his daughter to show up his love for her. He was among the most lovable character made by Durjoy, ever.

If this one would be of around 100 pages less than the current length, than it would be one of the best novel by Durjoy. For hardcore ‘Love Story Lovers’ I would like to say, go and grab the book as soon as possible; you’ll love this one.



  1. “When Only Love Remains” is another fine piece of work by Durjoy Datta. 🙂
    Am sure alot of girls out there can actually relate them to Avanti.
    You know your book is a great success when your readers are able to relate them to the characters in the book.
    This novel makes you go “awwwww” and leaves you crying simultaneously.
    Though I am not a pro in reviewing books, still I couldn’t stop myself from reviewing this one.
    To sum up the feelings that i went through while reading it, I would just say, “I cried”. At times they were happy tears, whereas, at times the minute detailing of Avanti’s pain tore my heart apart. 😦
    I found myself going through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the book.
    And the end definitely left me smiling ear to ear :’)
    It is WORTH reading at least once… 🙂
    Makes you believe that no matter what, true love stays forever and after… 🙂
    A feeling of void dawned upon me after finishing the book because the reason to clung onto it was over. 😦
    You have literally grown up as an author.
    Although “Till The Last Breath” still remains my FAVOURITE. 🙂
    Keep writing… You have set our hopes high 🙂


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