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“Let me check.” She pulled out some papers. “Yes, here it is, her father, Indraprakash, took her here. He is the one who is donating the kidney too. He told us to inform you only after we starts the procedure. Your husband really loves her daughter a lot.”

I was confused. My husband left me alone, the day she took birth, then why would he come back and if he has come back then who is Indraprakash? Why he wrote this name?

Everything, every question of mine will get answered after this red bulb above ICU gets switched off. I waited with my questions.

Finally, the gates of ICU open up and doctor came out. He said that girl and the donator, both are well. I thanked god. I was not allowed to see my daughter for some days. I tried to gather information about Indraprakash, but nothing helped.

Then finally I got the chance to see the face that saved my daughter. I got surprised to see him lying over the bed. How can he be there? He smiled to see me watching him with tears in my eyes.

I quietly sat over the chair next to his bed. I had questions to ask him but before that I had to thank him for everything he did for my daughter.

“Thank you.” He said before I could say anything.

I was confused to hear him.

“That night when we first met, I wanted to end my life forever. I made up my mind to end up this life and go up meeting my daughter again. You saved me from doing that. You saved me from attempting suicide that night. I had no hope, no reason to live but then after meeting you at medical shop, I got my reason.”

“How you came to know that my daughter needs kidney transplant?” I asked him.

“I am a doctor and that day I saw your prescription. I know those medicine were not for the fever. I also saw the name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine. He was my friend. I met him and he told me everything about your daughter Disha.”

I always thought that this world is full of flesh eating animals and nothing else but this man changed me. I never disclosed my feeling to anyone; I never discussed my fears, my problems with anyone because I thought that there is no one out there who wants to listen to you, or to your problems. They will just show sympathy or laugh on you. I needed neither of that. But then, this man came in my life. He was more than god for me.

“How is Disha?” He asked.

“She is fine.” I said, “But why all this for her?”

“I lost my daughter, Mansi. I know how it feels to be completely helpless from saving your love. I just tried to give homage to my daughter by saving yours. Disha, is now not only your daughter, she’s mine too.” He smiled, I too joined him.

“By the way, her name is not Disha.” I said to him. He looked confused.

I gave him a letter which my daughter gave to me for him. He starts to read it.

Dear Uncle,

Thank you being so kind and helping me to make me able to play with my friends again. Now I can beat my friend meenakshi in cycling again. I know you will be suffering from pain because I can too feel the pain. Doctor Uncle says that this pain will make us strong again and within weeks, we’ll be fit again. Please meet me at home after you feel strong again. I’ll make special tea for you.


I saw tears rolling down his eyes. His love was now back, in his life once again and with that he found a reason to live again.



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