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“What happened?” He asked.

“Tum saab logo par apisa bahut hota h na. You asked me to sit here and just talk for the whole night and now you have nothing to speak.” I laugh again.

“Have you ever loved someone in your life, Champa?” He asked and in an instance I stopped laughing because my love started to hover on my mind.

I said nothing.

“I loved her a lot; she was my life; Mansi, my daughter.” He had tears in his eyes. I too felt heavy on my heart. “She was the reason of happiness in my life. I loved my wife because she gave me Mansi.” He had a smile on his face when he was remembering Mansi.

“Today she died.” He said with an expressionless face. I was clueless what to say or how to react. “She was suffering from cancer. Medical science had no option for her living but I can’t just let her go. I tried everything but nothing worked.

I had tears in my eyes but had no words to console this man.

“Mansi knew that her end was near. She wanted me to spend last of her few days with me and her mother. But I didn’t want to give up with the hopes and I lost her. She kept on asking for me but I was nowhere. I was having a meeting with a doctor in a hotel. She died without even saying good-bye to his father.” He cried a lot that night. He told me numerous stories of Mansi. We laughed, we cried, we missed her together.

When we were lost in memories of Mansi, I sensed that the time has come to leave. He too senses my urgency to leave. He searched for his purse; I wanted to say no but was bound to have them. Money was important for me.

“Thank you for this night, Champa”, was his last words of that night.

“By the way, my name is Payal.” I said and left for my home.


“Please do it fast.” I begged him to let me go soon.

I was worried. I wanted to go back home quickly. He looked at the prescription again and again and then finally packed all the medicines. I gave the money to him and turned back. He was there, staring at me.

“Hello, Payal, remember me?” He was the guy I met yesterday. What was he doing here?

“Sorry, I don’t remember you.” I said and left to hire a taxi. In our profession, after working hours, we forget everything about our customer. It’s necessary to lead a happy social life in our society.

There was no taxi in the vicinity. I was getting restless. Then I saw him again in his car. He offered me a lift, I had no other option so decided to sit in his car.

He kept on driving, didn’t say anything; maybe waiting for me to initiate.

“Sorry for my behavior.”

“Oh! It’s okay.” I felt a little comfortable then.

“What are these medicines for? Are you ill or something?” he asked.

“Ya! Just a little fever, that’s it.” He stared at me for a while, maybe wanted to say something but resisted himself.

Finally I reached to my destination. I thanked him. He left.


Night was as usual as always. I dealt with my customers and after getting my pay, came back to my home but then I found something unusual. She was nowhere. I searched for her everywhere but failed to find her. My mind started to think about various possibilities. I dialed numerous numbers to confirm my possibilities but nothing helped.

I knocked my neighbors’ door to ask them about it, they said some people came late at night and took her in an ambulance. Who took her? And where? Bad thoughts took over my thoughts. I couldn’t control myself and started to cry for her; my love, my daughter.


Crowd started gathering but nobody helped. I had no idea what to do or whom to ask for help. Then I heard my cell ringing. I rushed to grab my phone; I had no idea from where it could be.

“Hello, can I speak to Miss Payal?” A feminine voice came over from the other side.

“Yes.” I said while sobbing.

“Ma’am your daughter is about to have her operation, please come fast to Sanjeevni Hospital.” She said and within a second, I picked up pace to rush to the hospital. Everything seems to be like a nightmare. Who took my daughter? What they did with her? Why she was having her operation? Is she safe? Please god, help me.

I reached to the hospital in 15 minutes and rushed to the reception to ask about my daughter.

“How is she? How’s my daughter?” I asked in a rush. I needed answers.

“What’s your name ma’am?”

“Payal. You just called me.”

“Okay yes, your daughter is having her operation of kidney transplant. She’s in the ICU.”

“Who bought her here?” I knew she needed kidney transplant, for the same reason I was gathering the money.

“Let me check.” She pulled out some papers. “Yes, here it is, her father, Indraprakash, took her here. He is the one who is donating the kidney too. He told us to inform you only after we starts the procedure. Your husband really loves her daughter a lot.”



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