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“So where should we go, hotel, motel or your place?” I asked him in professional tone. He looked pretty aged than me. He must be around 40. I was happy that he will not ask for advanced version of sex. Youngsters always ask for new adventures during the work but above 40 are standard ones.

“Huh?” He said. There was something unusual about him. He was not willing to do anything and I was afraid that he doesn’t change his mind.

“Hotel…… Motel or your place?” I put my hand on his thighs to assure that he doesn’t run away.

“Your place.” He said. I was confused.

“You mean to say your place, right?” I confirmed.

“No, I mean your place.” Was he mad or what? I thought he was just doing time pass. I got angry and took out the knife from my purse. I knew exactly how to handle these kinds of ‘Time Pass’ freaks.

“Now enough, okay, take out my money and get lost. Saala pyar se baat karo to samajh me nahi aata h? Come-on, give me money.”

“I’ll give you 5000 but please don’t leave me. I want you.” He was about to cry. I don’t know what was wrong with him but his eyes told me that something is not right with him.

“Okay… okay, don’t cry.” I put the knife back in my purse and consoled him. “I can’t take to my place but we can go in a hotel.”

“No please no hotel.” He said in a firm voice. He looked afraid of something.

“Okay, we’ll not go in a hotel. Calm down.”

Then we decided to spend the night in a park. That’s the beauty of Delhi; you can find anything you want. There’s never a shortage of places if you have your pocket full.

Pretty easily I found a dark corner in the park. The night was cold and dark, perfect to finish up the thing with him and earn enough to go back quickly to my home. I didn’t want to be late.

We sat on the ground and I started to unbutton his shirt. He found it disturbing so made me stop.

“Wait, please.” He said. I didn’t say anything because we still had some time and I had already made my point clear to him that after 4:30, I’ll go back.

“What’s your name?” He asked in pretty low voice. He looked sad of something. This was not new for me because mostly who come to us are sad or frustrated, we are like medicine for them.

“Champa.” I said and hearing it, he smiled.

“That’s not your name, right?” He said with a sadistic smile on his face.

“Saab, what’s in the name? I am known for my work, not for my name. And why to dishonor the only thing my parents gave to me.”

Silence lingered between us till he broke it again.

“Why you do all this?” It was not the first time I heard this question, I heard this numerous times but still I had no satisfactory answer to it.

“Don’t be philosophical saab, start doing for what you have brought me here. It’s already 3am.” I was not in the mood to discuss these things again. I tried to open up his pants but he again stopped me.

“I don’t want this. Can we just talk? I’ll pay you what I have promised you but please stay with me.” He literally begged to me. I had no other option other than to sit there.

Silence filled up the air again around us. He said nothing for a while and that made me smile. He was confused to hear me laugh.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Tum saab logo par apisa bahut hota h na. You asked me to sit here and just talk for the whole night and now you have nothing to speak.” I laugh again.

“Have you ever loved someone in your life, Champa?” He asked and in an instance I stopped laughing because my love started to hover on my mind.

I said nothing.



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