Interview with Bhaskaryya Deka

 7 Days, 7 Interviews

Hello guys!

So it’s the final days of this campaign and we’re overwhelmed with the love and support we’ve received from you guys. Thank you so much! As for the final interview, we’ve another debutante who entered this field with a Suspense-Thriller. So welcome Bhaskaryya Deka, author of ‘The Unwanted Shadow’. The book has been doing pretty well in the market and has been appraised by the readers.

Bhaskaryya Deka

So let’s have this final showdown with Bhaskaryya. Have fun!

  • So Bhaskaryya, let’s start with a small introduction of yours. Tell us something about yourself.

    Well, I am from a small town in Assam, where I did my schooling. Now, I live in Dhanbad. I am studying engineering at ISM, Dhanbad.


  • Congratulations on your book, “The Unwanted Shadow”. How was your experience with it? What were your expectations? How’s the response from the readers?

    The Unwanted Shadow Main

    Thanks a lot. The experience writing it was great. I have always been interested in psychology, and writing a psychological thriller has been immensely satisfying.

    Response of the readers has been encouraging till now. The book was published a couple of months back, so waiting for more reviews to flow in.


  • Why a thriller?

    That question I have been asking myself too. I am a big fan of literary fiction, classics. But when I write, it just comes out as thriller.


  • Tell us something about your book. What’s the source of inspiration behind it, i.e., what inspired you to take on this journey?

    An idea. I had been flirting with the idea of writing on this medical issue. It’s not so much talked about, nor proved, so it looked like an interesting journey to embark on.


  • Tell us something about your daily routine. How do you manage your day? Where does writing fit in?

    I am a student, so most of the day passes by attending lectures, writing assignments. I write in the night. Mostly after nine or ten, as long as I feel like writing.


  • Besides writing, what are you passionate about? What are your hobbies?

    Besides writing, I like music and football. And travelling too.


  • Are you an avid reader. What’s your favorite genre in reading? Favorite author?

    Yes, I love reading. I like all the genres, but I am more inclined towards literary fiction and classics. Love stories- I pick carefully though.

    Lots of favorites- I like Sidney Sheldon, Khuswant Singh, Jhumpa Lahiri, Charles Bukowski, Salinger.


  • In Indian literary market, what’s the scope of a thriller novel because here love/romance is the only genre which becomes an instant bestseller?

    As long as a book is well-written and has a good plot, it would become popular anywhere.


  • What are your plans for life? Do you ‘plan and follow’ or just welcome life with open arms?

    Well, I haven’t planned much. After completing college, will see how it goes.


  • How was your experience with your publisher?

    It has been a good experience. They don’t delay things, give you time to do things best, guide you in matters when you need. It has been a good learning experience for me.


  • You have had interactions with TAB members. How was your experience? What are your views about ‘The Author’s Blog’?

    There are very few book marketers in India. TAB is a good attempt at filling the void.

So this is it. And with this final interview, the journey comes to an end. But don’t worry, we’ll come back with some new project as we always do. A big Thanks to all the authors for their time and support. And all you people out there; keep reading, keep writing and keep TABing.

You can buy Bhaskaryya’s book, The Unwanted Shadow from the following link :



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