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Hello Guys!

It’s showtime! So it’s the sixth day of our interview campaign and so far everything is going beyond expectations. Thank you for so much love and support. So to continue the journey, we have with us today a rockstar turned author, Swetank Telang. He recently launched his musical love story called ‘The Best serendipity of my Life’.

Swetank Telang


So let’s see what Swetank discussed in the small chit-chat session with TAB.


  • So Swetank, let’s start with a small introduction of yours. Tell us something about yourself.

    I am simple going person who loves to be in my own state of happiness and my own world. I don’t really get distracted by what’s others say or feel about me. Just being true to me, kind to others and loving all keeps me happy going.I love my Mom a lot and she returns me back with more love, always.


  • Congratulations on your first fiction book, “The Best Serendipity Of My Life”. How was your experience with it? What were your expectations? How’s the response from the readers?

    The Best Serendipity of my Life

    Thank You very much. I was a failure in English subject during my schools. I had to ask grace marks to get a rank in class. Didn’t ever thought to write a book but circumstances led me to write a book on my own life’s story. It was an excruciating journey which started with a thought in mind, pain & hope in heart, and faith in work. I expected a great impact after its release but as always life surprises me with difficulties saying that, “Swetank, you are not yet ready to be this, learn from this and then I might give a second thought on your fate… Hahaha
    But life doesn’t always work as per expectations, if it did, there would be no value about things that everybody would expect and get. Aspiring is what I do, I aspire to be like something, if it’s not that, it has to be something better than that (what life gives) Those who read my book, they appreciated it from their heart with tears in their eyes. Have received some mails, which say a lot… One of them quoted, “When one loses love in life, either one gets lost or one finds himself. This book strongly teaches you to find yourself – love story with a strong message”

    I bet there would be really no soul who reads my book and doesn’t shed tears of pain/joy at the end!


  • The cover says that it’s a musical love story. It seems interesting. What’s so musical about this love story?

    There’s lot of musical feeling inside the book including Bollywood songs and the book itself starts from a person on stage strumming his guitar. It is also filled with music technicals.Most interesting part about it is, it comes with a music album, I have my own sung and composed songs especially for this book which the reader would receive in the form of a music CD with the book.


  • The book is based on your own life. What inspired you to write a story on your own life?

    Sometimes you keep changing yourself in search of truth, behind something. After a few years, you are totally a transformed person, totally a new personality and when you think harder on this fact and try to link up everything & all the changes. All point to one common origin that led you on the path of change. You sum up everything and write a story on that.


  • Apart from writing you love music. You have even launched a promotional album based on your book which is being loved by masses on youtube. So if you have to choose one from Writing and Music, what would you choose?

    I would certainly love doing both, but if I were given a chance to choose just one of them, I would doubtlessly chosen Music as it flows inside my blood. I love singing songs and playing music instruments. There isn’t any time that my mind doesn’t play anything at the back, right now it’s singing… Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom… Hahaha


  • Tell us something about your book. What’s the source of inspiration behind it, i.e., what inspired you to take on this journey?

    It is a fact full book with all real characters (just the names changed). I read a few love tales and felt, my love tale to be so different from everybody’s. That’s what gave me an inspiration to write it and show to the readers that a love story like this could also possibly take shape.


  • What’s your daily routine. How do you manage your day? Where does writing fit in?

    I love to spend Sunday with my Mom.But six days in week, I get up at 05:32 AM in the morning, Thanking God for one more day of life; I start my day with a bathe and meditate in the morning. Have my breakfast and then office hours stay tuned from 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM. I rarely do have lunch; reach my room at 06:00 PM after evening snacks then meditate again if I feel like doing. I wrote this book having sleepless nights for >2 years. First draft was like an essay written by a school kid in a diary that just took 10 months. Later was the toughest phase of rephrasing it, sending it to publishers, facing rejections, again rereading and rephrasing, punctuating, etc. Whole process took about >2-2.5 years to get in the market. It was like, I never wasted even a single minute, always had dinner in minimum time. Did not watch even a single movie in those years, missed every party organised by friends, missed every treats, broken many relationships and friendships just because my friends thought I did not give them time and attention. They just thought I was doing something stupid locking myself inside my room as I never revealed to anyone about writing book. How would it feel, if you say, I was in love, and I broke, now I am writing my own heartbroken love tale. You know, friends generally don’t believe and they laugh, make comments and break you before you even take a start. I kept it secret until I started searching for publishers.I looked like a nincompoop; a pea-brain sitting outside others locked room at 02:00 AM using their Wi-Fi’s for the sake of my work. Hurdles never left my way but it was like, after reaching here I cannot quit.

    Composing music, finding a studio to get everything recorded, writing lyrics, singing, video shooting and everything seemed so tough to balance with book and my job. But when something’s dying inside to get out, you don’t feel the pain.

    I slept from 09:00 PM to 12:00 AM and worked from 12:00 AM to 04:00 or 05:00 AM and then again slept an hour before I started my usual routine.


  • Do you read? What’s your favorite genre in reading? Favorite author? Favorite book?

    I am fond of Calvin and Hobbes – Bill Watterson, Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon, Michael Crichton and The Speaking Tree – Published by TOI.My favourite pick is The Alchemist by favourite author Paulo Coelho.


  • What are your plans for life? Do you ‘plan and follow’ or just welcome life with open arms?

    I used to plan a lot in my life but after I lost everything, I stopped planning life and started welcoming it and enjoying every surprise, surmise, and shocks of life. I just welcome life and give my best.


  • What’s your advice for budding and emerging writers? How should they move on in this field?

    No advice, just a statement. Listen to your heart.


  • What are the problems faced in publishing a book? How was your experience with your publisher?

    Faced a lot of problems in publishing book but finally settled for self paid publishing which was easier and generally aids new authors and build their hope.


  • What are your views about ‘The Author’s Blog’?

    ‘The Author’s Blog’ stands a great line of platform especially for new authors who dream big with their wide open eyes. It provides energy and life in the form of hope, inspiration and success stories. One should not ever leave Hope, because Hope is a good thing and good things never die.


So guys this was Swetank in a small chit-chat session with TAB. Such a great guy. No doubt girls will go mad over him. We hope you guys enjoyed the session as much as we did. Stay tuned for the last interview.

You can buy Swetank’s book, The Best Serendipity of my Life, from the following links :

Flipkart          Amazon


Author: Danger DX

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Swetank Telang”

  1. Dude…!! Your book is just not a musical love story…..its some thing different then common.
    Each lovebird needs to be refer and must follow your way….
    Keep it up bro….!!
    Congrats n best luck….!!


  2. Swetang keep it up. Having so much faith in yourself certainly gives you what you want in your life. Best wishes from Deepak Rana & Family.


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