The Devil’s Gate… by Deepak Kripal

The Devil's Gate

Title : The Devil’s Gate: An impossible journey
Author : Deepak Kripal
Pages : 248
Genre : Fantasy Fiction
Publisher : Frog Publishers

Ratings :

Title : 3.5/5
Cover : 3/5
Story-line : 4/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

Neglected by humans the animals decides to find a new habit. The probable site is an invisible island inhibited by demons. The animals union sends two animals, a cat and a dog to strike a deal with the demons. Will the demons accept their offer? Would they even be alive to strike a deal?
Get on this fantasy drive to find the answers with Katy and Dug.

Highlights :

  • The basic concept of the novel is intriguing and fresh.
  • Witty and humorous dialogues adds to the overall taste.
  • Characterization is very effective. Each character blends in the character-set just perfectly.
  • Polished language.
  • Effective narration.

Setbacks :

  • The cover of the book could have been better.

Review :

“A fresh story unraveling new dimensions of fantasy. A tale of courage, friendship and faith. Racy, unpredictable and fantastically fantastic! A definite read.”

‘The Devil’s Gate: An impossible journey’, the title itself is intriguing to peak the interest of reader. This is a fantasy tale with a promise to deliver something good & something different. The blurb sets the mood of the reader and the intro gives an amazing start to the book.

The story circles around the critical problem of animals, to find a new habitat. As the humans are progressing and evolving, their ever-increasing demand for lands is resulting in deforestation and loss of animal habitat. So the animals decide to find a new place. Now this new place is a demonic island far away from the reach of humans. And there sets off an interesting journey where few animals musters up the courage to travel to this dread island and strike a deal with their lord to allow animals to inhibit that island.

Deepak Kripal has done an amazing job with this book. It’s sort of  ‘wolf in disguise’. The book starts off at a good pace with so much to digest. The story-line is entirely new. The style of narration is effective and the overall presentation is good. And the characters of Katy, Dug and Billy serves as ‘cherry on top’. For me, the overall concept and characterization were the main points in the book. Oh, and how can I forget the witty dialogues. This is his first novel, but Deepak seems good at what he does.

The characters of Katy, Dug and Billy have unique characteristics and Deepak masterfully carries these forward developing an amazing and acceptable effect. There is no point where the story goes off-track.  The ‘over the top’ philosophies of billy, humorous punches of dug and courage of Katy amplifies the overall effect of story.

For me it was an entertaining read. I enjoyed the book from starting till end. It was more of like listening eagerly to favorite story-teller.  There was no point when I felt bored or even halted the story. It was a one time, non-stop read.

Congratulations to Deepak for delivering such an entertaining book in a market flooded with books of various genres. i would surely like to recommend this book to every fiction and fantasy fan. And yes, eagerly waiting for the next one from Deepak.
You can buy Deepak’s book, The Devil’s Gate: An impossible journey using the following links :

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