Interview with Pulkit Gupta

7 Days, 7 Interviews 

Hello Guys!

We are glad to announce that this interview project is going pretty well. We’re receiving lots of love from our readers. Thank you for your support. Today is the fifth day of our project and today we have a successful author and an emerging publisher with us, Mr. Pulkit Gupta.


Let’s begin and explore a little part of his life….

  • So Pulkit, let’s start with a brief introduction of yours.

I am a very simple guy who hails from a very small town of Western UP i.e. Bijnor. I have literature and poetry running in my blood mainly due to my birth place which is a land of great poet ‘Late Dushyant Ji.’ Professionally I am a CA Final, CS Professional and a 2nd Year Law student, but I have grown up watching my father conducting National Level Kavi Sammelans. Padma Bhushan Neeraj ji (lyricist of Mera Naam Joker, Gambler etc.) and Santosh Anand ji (lyricist of Kranti, Shor, Prem Rog etc.) were regular in those program. We used to chat for hours about Literature and Life, which later proved to be an inspiration for me. Even my inspiration i.e. Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji is  a great writer and a poet.


  • You recently started ‘Gargi Publishing House’. What inspired you to take this step?

I was quite upset with the way Publishing Industry was operating in the market. Good authors were struggling for the publishers. Traditional Publishers were accepting the manuscripts from established authors only and Self-Publishing houses were exploiting upcoming authors.

They were charging hefty amounts and were not providing any kind of distribution and marketing. Publishers had turned into printers and commission agents. Then I collaborated with some of my friends and came up with ‘Gargi.’

This is a unique publishing house which is ‘Of the Authors’, ‘By the Authors’ and ‘For the Authors.’ We can better understand the problems of our fellow authors and can serve them in an efficient manner.


  • Tell us about your book, ‘Life and Promises’. We heard that soon its ‘National Bestseller’ edition is coming out, is that true?

‘Life and Promises’ contains all the things which a person goes through in his life i.e. Relationship, Friendship, Love, Success, Failure, Frustration, Separation, Pain and Death. It is a story of an IITian turned CA aspirant. The novel travels across the realms of his life and unfolds his journey of becoming a CA aspirant from an IITian. Also, it reflects on the snags it brings to his relationships as he keeps on ignoring all the close ones in his life to chase some dreams and prove himself. At one point of time, it tells us that it is Challenges which makes our life interesting and on the other hand it also teaches us the lesson that we should not ignore other important things while overcoming such challenges. I have read it somewhere, “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop it”. This statement is very well explained in our novel.

‘Life and Promises’ is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have got lot of love from my readers. They found it close to their life. It is an inspirational tale which compels you to think what matters more: dreams or people who love you. It has inspired lot of CA students and this fact can be seen in our sales. Almost both the editions of our book have been completely sold-out and yes we are planning an ‘Anniversary Edition’ (National Bestseller Edition) which is slated to be release on New Year’s Eve.


  • Any difficulties you faced while writing the book?

Well yes as it was a self-published book I had to distribute and market it on my own. Pooling the resources and investing them in an efficient manner was a very tough task. But in the end everything went fine.


  • Your favorite character from the book?

I love the character of Radhika a lot. It was very difficult for me to pen down the feelings of a girl. It was a challenging task and as the book progressed it helped me to understand the opposite sex in a much better way.


  • Were you determined that your book and your publishing house will reach the success when you took your first step towards them?

Well it would be wrong if I say that I never expected my book/publishing house to do well. When you are into something it becomes your passion. I was determined to do well. I took it as a challenge as I came from a completely different background and luckily with the blessings of God and with the support of my family and friends I delivered.


  • Where does writing fit in your daily schedule?

It is a part of my life. Whenever I feel too sad or happy I pen down my feelings. It is not necessary to write fiction but one should keep writing. I mostly write during night time as I have my CA office to look after.


  • Every aspiring writer faces the difficulties in getting published, why is it so?

Nobody is ready to invest his money on a newcomer or an unknown name.  Everyone is opting for self-publishing and young aspiring authors don’t get much financial support from their family which makes it difficult for them to get published.


  • So which is your favorite book? And your favorite author?

    ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ and my favorite author is John Grisham.


  • What lies in your writing career future?

Right now I am too much occupied with my publishing house but I expect my next book ‘Hum Tum,’ which is a romantic comedy to hit the stands in 2015. I am also working on an Inspirational book for CA/CS students.


  • What’s closer to you, your writing carrier or publishing house?

Writing will always remain my first love but now I have the responsibility of my authors on my shoulders so I have sidelined my love for time being.


  • You have so many friends from this writing field who compliments you on every step of yours, what’s your say?

I am very lucky to make so many friends in such a short span of time. They have been helping me right from the time of ‘Life and Promises.’ Gargi Publishers is running just because of them. It is a team effort not a one man show.


  • How does it feel being a publisher?

It feels awesome. It feels good to see the name of your publishing house on paperback. As an author I needed to deliver only once a year but now I have to prove myself again and again with every release. It is a tough job but I am enjoying it to the core.


  • Would you like to deliver a ‘word of advice’ for budding & emerging writers?

Patience…yes, patience is the key to success. Don’t get disappointed with rejections. ‘Feeling’ is as important as your ‘Vocabulary’. You need to write with passion and more important with your heart. It is not necessary that a person with a good grammar and vocabulary will succeed in this field. Such things can and will improve with time. Main thing is how you express yourself. Don’t write for others but for yourself and trust me you will get unbelievable results.


  • Any words for us, i.e. The Author’s Blog?

You people are doing a terrific job. I love the way you review the books category wise.  The new lay-out of your blog is a much improved version on the previous one.


Pulkit Gupta is one of a gem of this writing industry. If you want to know the true meaning of passion, he’s the man to look after. Do connect with him on facebook to know him a little better. We hope you guys are enjoying our session. Do come back as two more stunning authors are on their way to connect with you.

You can buy Pulkit’s book, ‘Life and Promises’ from these links :

Homeshop18           Infibeam            Indiabookstore


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