Title : Not yet to be Disclosed
Author : Arpit Dugar
Pages : 270
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Flying Pen

Ratings :

Cover : 4/5
Theme : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Narration : 4/5
Overall : 4.5/5


The worst face of life is experienced when your mind starts to play with you. It can be your best friend or can play the role of a best enemy. Avnish had a great and happening life, he had lovable friends, caring parents and everything he could demand from the life. But life suddenly takes a U-turn and everything started to lose from his grip just like sand in the fist. A strange feeling of Déjà vu’s on every walk of life takes control over his mind. Dreams started to turn in reality and present started to be seen as the future. Every mystery in his life ended on just one name, Garvita, his dream girl. Finally he meets her and then started the journey of ‘NOT YET TO BE DISCLOSED.’


Firstly I would like to thank the author, Arpit Dugar, for writing this innovative concept. Now commenting over the cover of the book; it’s really catchy and somehow makes the reader to anticipate the story before reading it and that is what I think proves to be the biggest victory for the author. The book’s story will leave the reader dumbstruck at the end just because of his anticipation. Author has done a fabulous job in creating the cover and the blurb, it misleads but I still like the innovative thought.

For the story, I’ll say that the characters will make you remember the fabulous years of college. That leg pulling, abusing, love stories and thrilling outings, all are crafted intelligently in the book. All the characters are very well narrated and suit the storyline at every point. There are some characters like Nischay and Diwakar whom you can relate to many of your own friends.

Illustrations before each chapter are also very cleverly designed, especially the one with movie poster of ‘Kartik calling Kartik’ in the background. It makes the reader to think of the possibility of Multiple Personality Disorder in Avinish and tries to divert the readers thought for sometime.

The book is filled with mysteries and that’s what makes the reader to turn pages with faster pace with each ongoing chapter. Arpit had a mammoth task while writing this book to balance the fun, love and mystery and he completed the task pretty well and that shows the brilliant work of author.

Talking about the Déjà vu now; Arpit has explained the phenomenon numerous times within the novel and that felt a little odd. Although the experiences he showed in life of Avnish because of his extreme sense of Déjà vu maintains the mystery till the end but it was not necessary to explain it every time. I liked that, till the last chapter, Arpit left some strings disconnected and let the reader choose whatever he likes to be the end of the story.

Mystery is all about the sense of anticipating the end and this book is just a perfect example of it. ‘Not yet to Be Disclosed’ is about a mysterious life and love of Avnish and is a must read for everyone.





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