TAB presents “EXTRA MILE”

Hello guys!

So after hours of hard work and your incessant support, TAB is proud to present it’s first digital magazine edition as “Extra Mile”. This task wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you all for your support!

And guys, the story doesn’t end here. It’s just the beginning. So keep supporting us; keep reading, keep writing. And please have a look at our first edition. To view/download the pdf file, kindly click on the below link –

Extra Mile

Extra Mile










Every feedback is welcomed. So feel free to share your thoughts on EXTRA MILE and help us improve the future editions. You can submit your content for the further editions at So write to us and we’ll share it with the world.

Also, we would like to thank Mallika, Mehek and Satyarth for allowing us to feature their work in our first edition. Thank you so much guys.

Sit back and enjoy EXTRA MILE. Happy Reading 🙂




Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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