Book stores are getting crowded with so many books on love stories but still the readers are searching for that one book which could give new dimensions to love stories just like love; it’s everywhere but the true love is hard to find.

The Best Serendipity of my Life is a debut novel of Swetank Telang and is based on his own life, his love. It is a very sweet attempt to pour his love story which changed him forever as a person.


Firstly, the cover is fantastic. It suits the overall theme very well. Now commenting over the story, the book starts with Swetank who is a kind of rockstar of his college because of his music. Zeel gets attracted towards him after watching his first performance on the stage and soon Swetank and Zeel fell in love. Their love story is pretty sweet and that sweetness will get reflected on your lips with a constant smile.

As the cover says, it’s a musical love story; it does reflect the musical side with some songs constantly appearing in the story. Swetank has also released a full album dedicated to his book which are available on youtube and are fantastic.

The best thing about the book is its way of writing. It was pretty difficult to justify the ending of the book but Swetank maintained his flow of sweetness till the very end and never made the reader to think about the abruptness. While writing the end of the book Swetank has mixed honey with his tears.

Now the setbacks. If we forget the end of the book, the whole story feels monotonous sometimes. Same kind of events happens again and again in the book which creates the sleepy moments for the reader.

Sandeep Sharma Overall the book is quite interesting and comes under the category of ‘One Time Experience’ for a normal reader and for Love Story lovers, it is a must read.

I’ll rate it 3.5/5.






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