His presence graced my life,
To which all my gratitude cannot suffice…

A joyful asset,torchbearer and guide,
Best companion in needed times.

That childhood superhero of mine,
With charisma and sinew.

When i first spoke,
My words were best suited to his ears.
Each little bite,
Was his utmost delight..

Walked by his side,
Gripping hand with all my might
Nonchalant of world and care free of mind.

Grew a little older and
My grades carved a smile…
Curve that gods can design..

Time rolled and here we are..
Cast in differences and pretty fights..

A special knot binds our bond
Love and care are it’s two ends..

No day no month or moment reminds me of you,
I breathe you, I am you…!


Written by Shubham J. Singh


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