The Author’s Blog is back with an amazing contest where you can win 3 AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF BLOCKBUSTER NOVEL OF 2014, ‘LOSING MY RELIGION by Vishwas Mudagal’ by simply giving the answer of a simple question, “Why do you want to read ‘Losing My Religion’- The Blockbuster novel of 2014?”



When gamer and entrepreneur Rishi Rai sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry, something somewhere goes terribly wrong and, like dominoes, the blocks of his life fall down one after the other. Bankrupt and soul broken, he has an unexpected meeting with Alex, an unpredictable, crazy American hippie, and decides to set out with him on an unplanned, uncharted journey across India. From getting irrepressibly high in the mysterious Malana valley in the Himalayas to starting a shack on the bewitching Om beach on the west coast, they do it all. But their adrenaline-charged adventure takes a turn when Rishi meets Kyra, a beautiful and enigmatic gamer. As passions surge and sparks fly, Rishi gets drawn to Kyra, unaware of who she is and where she comes from. What follows next is something nobody could have ever dreamed of . . . Who is Kyra and why are the paparazzi after her? Can Rishi connect the dots in his life to protect the love of his life? While the world becomes a spectator, can he mastermind the fall of a ruthless giant to become a global icon or will he become the biggest loser?
The book is being called a masterpiece and has received a huge fan following for it’s story, characters, style of writing and the underlying message. It’s what we call the blockbuster novel of 2014!


1. The answers to the question should be written in the COMMENT section of this POST only.
2. Contest will end on 15th June, at time 23:59.
3. Applicant can post as many comments as he like but will be eligible to win only one copy.
4. Winners would be chosen on the basis of their answers only, so try to be unique and interesting with your answers.
5. For any further query write us at


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  1. It’s a BLOCKBUSTER already! Need I say more?! Excited to grab it and experience reading it. It surely is going to be a journey of faith, doubt. The title is gripping. Losing one’s religion is never simple. It’s like losing a beloved family member – with denial, bargaining, grief and acceptance, struggling with one’s identity, evaluating one’s faith. I want to experience the honesty of this book. 🙂


  2. Because I am new to blogging and someday I long to be a published author. I love the title alone and my curiosity is screaming wanting to know what happens, and to win an autographed copy by a real writer would be the highlight of my day. I will beg….please oh please oh please….did I win yet? (I am sounding like my dog Chi begging for biscuits now:) )


  3. Well, the book seems to promise me adventure of travelling and sense of spontaneity for which my adrenaline had never sufficed . Cover page is luring and the man lost in reflections fill me wid cryptic queries which dis book can only answer..


  4. two years ago, something happened.. It was not so bad but because of It, I lost my confidence gradually.. There was a time, I wanted to quit the world, I wanted to switch myself to another world…. I had nothing, no hope for life, no hope of getting rid from the failure I was facing… I didn’t get any solution at that time.. I still don’t have any solution to get over those things.. But as we say time heals every wound, I learn to live life with time…

    When I first read the title ‘Losing my religion’ my own situation flashed in my mind.. Things I had gone through, the failure I had faced and the efforts I made to get over it… You know we always want to read about our ownself, we want to read about the things which are related to us, things which describe our own story… That’s the biggest reason for why I want to read the book ‘losing my religion’

    And the last thing Lmr seems real.. it’s title says alot.. Storyline is rich.. We always read ‘lovestories’, though Chetan bhagat’s stories are always awesome but we want to read different things. yeah, we love to read fantasy, but we also love to read reality…


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