Bucket List of a Traveloholic… by Sarika Pandit

Bucket List of a Traveloholic

Title : Bucket List of a Traveloholic
Author : Sarika Pandit
Pages : 241
Genre : Travel
Publisher : Fingerprint

Ratings :

Cover : 4/5
Theme : 4/5
Writing & Style : 4/5
Presentation : 4/5
Reading Experience : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

Bucket List of a Traveloholic is a written travelogue of places and experiences by Sarika Pandit. The book has a vivid presentation with pictures and experiences of a life time.
The book promises to be one of the best roller-coaster reading experiences you will have this year.

The Highlights :
  •  Travel insights of over 15 different countries.
  • Beautiful presentation using travel pictures.
  • Vivid description and author’s command over language.
  • A unique reading experience.
  • Knowledge sublimely blended in every story.
Review :

” Bucket List of a Traveloholic is a refreshing read with new adventures at every page and new destination at every chapter. Stands tall to its promise of being the best roller-coaster ride of this year. Far more interesting than the fancy fiction tales. A unique experience! “

With it’s interesting cover and a unique title, the book has an unnatural appeal. Honestly speaking, I was intrigued after the first look at the book as it  was my first encounter with a ‘non-fiction’ book. The cover itself is very catchy and strong enough to gain anyone’s attention.

The book starts off at a good pace and the pace is maintained throughout the book with little highs and lows. The book delivers what it promises, a unique reading-cum-travelling experience. The book might not have the characters or story-line of a fiction book but it never allows you to lose your interest, the author makes sure of that.

The books takes you from Spain to Egypt, from UK to Brussels, from Greece to South Africa, Russia and much more. And just within hours you feel like you’ve just returned from a world tour. There are places you might not have heard of before. And that’s the beauty of this book, knowledge through entertainment.

Sarika’s style of narration, her command over language and beautiful presentation style keeps you glued to the pages. With each passing chapter you feel like you know the author much more than you think. Some of the experiences are beautifully presented and are so vivid, you just feel yourself immersed in the scenery. It feels like you were there, with the author, at every step, unheard and unnoticed.

Some of the parts I really liked in the book are trips to Spain, UK, Greece, Romania, Israel and Czech Republic. The chapter on Israel gives a beautiful insight of people and culture of Jerusalem, the birth place of Jesus. The Romanian version takes you through the vampire history. And the Greece part, well, it justifies the word “traveloholic”. The Czech portion briefs you on the history of Franz Kafka and his time in the country. The Spanish portion is sublime and beautiful. The beauty of Spain reflects amazingly through author’s words.

There is a sudden urge to travel as soon as you’re finished with the book. It’s a totally refreshing experience, specially if you’re into fictions and stuff. A totally different reading experience!(an amazing one)

It was just amazing to know Sarika through her book. She definitely is a well read and well traveled person. We can only guess the level of intellect she posses for a part of it is reflected in the book. I would definitely love to know the author better after reading her book. And I wish that she travels more and more, to the remaining parts of the world(if there are any left) and present her readers with more amazing experiences, more adventures. Consider it a ‘fan appeal’.  After reading fiction and fantasy books one after the another, this one was a much required KNOCKOUT.

All the best to Sarika for her book. From what I know about books, Bucket List is a book worth reading. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is into reading. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


Connect with the author at facebook, here.

Buy the book from flipkart, here.


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