They met for the first time in their golden era i.e., school time. Though their first meeting was not so pleasant that could be cherished ever by them but he knew from that very first time that she’s the girl he always wanted to have. Dilaveez aka Maverick was destined to meet his love Naina but how long he have to wait for that very moment when Naina accepts him was only know to the destiny.

The story is quite sweet in the beginning. Author will make you relive your school life once again and it would be difficult for you to resist yourself from thinking of your school love (Or Crush) and then suddenly story drastically changes and takes the reader to a totally new dimension, new heights with the evolution of Maverick from a school boy to a fighter pilot of IAF.

Personally I liked the story of the second half. It did justice with the cover and the main theme of the whole book. I felt the school times a bit weak and way too long. The story of Maverick’s second half is commendable.

Talking about the romance part, I think Maverick’s chemistry matched with Dr. Ayesha more than that of Naina. The whole episode of Pakistan is beautifully thought and executed. The best thing about the author is that he hasn’t exaggerated anything way too much while writing the story.

Now commenting over the writing style of the author, well it could have been more interesting. He had a beautiful story in his mind but he failed to write that down on the paper. First half has really disappointed me but the second half is far better. Author has written some great action sequences in air and those are really breath taking. Climax is also very touching. Episodes happened in Pakistan are well framed.

Overall I would give it 3/5.


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