The Exam Chronicle 3

I’ve dealt with some of the stress busters and pre-exam stresses in my 1st and 2nd articles. So now let’s have a look at a very critical phase, the phase which decides our post-exam fate, the day before exam. Especially, the phase when you are done with the studies and are prepared for the exam, i.e., the POST-STUDY TRAUMA. This is a very interesting period as it has its own pros and cons.

Let’s have a look at some of the situations you may encounter during this period –

  • Unusual irritation (Don’t confuse this with the irritation caused by improper and irregular bathing…that’s a different case!)
  • Free time (Actually time is always free, it’s us who are caged)
  • More study (Studying it again and again won’t change the syllabus… so don’t bother)
  • Urge to call your friends (It’s the primary nature of a dominator to demoralize other…  because to stay on top, one must make sure that other don’t)
  • Fear of failure ( A normal mind retains 60% of what it has learnt… so there is no chance of failure… unless you are CONGRESS)
  • A look at previous year’s paper (Now this is when reality dawns upon you…time to study… to books and beyond!)
  • Take a stroll (Exposure to new environment and conditions may lead to loss of data already stored… if you know what I mean)
  • More food (There’s always a chance of food poisoning… I would prefer fast until exam)
  • Watch TV (Well if you’re MODI fan then go for it!)
  • Close your eyes and relax (DAMN! The secret of success!!)

So these were some of the situations you might encounter during this phase. Make sure you choose the right ones. There is always a slight chance to convert this POST-STUDY TRAUMA into POST-STUDY RELIEF. Stay cool, stay blessed!


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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