Maverick Book Launch

Hello Readers!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new book “Maverick” by Gaurav Yadav. Maverick is Gaurav’s debut book. Let’s have a quick first look at the book…

Maverick Full Cover

So here’s what the blurb of book looks like –

This is a schoolboy’s tale of love, which started in his childhood, the infatuation that never died. The hidden and deep buried story of all Indians, who once have been in love with someone or the other in their life. It is a story of dreams, mischievousness, Fights, passion that kids have in school life. This tale represents the mental state of a typical Indian student, who has entered the adolescence and experiences the emotions, which were alien to him and his quest to get the answers. This book is his journey for true love of his life. It is the story of a boy “Maverick” who becomes a Fighter Pilot and meets his love of childhood almost a decade later just to find that his destiny has planned something else for them. When everything seemed to be right, he finds himself across the border in hostile terrains, in hands of enemy and declared dead by his government. His journey back to his nation, with help of the lady doctor who recovered him from death bed, his proving of being alive and his loyalty. ­This is the story of finding and loosing love, life and death, war, sorrow, patriotism, protest & reunion, a classic to read & go back to your childhood.

So far the book looks nice. We’ll posting the review of this book soon on our bog. So stay tuned!

You can connect with the author on facebook here.


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