Embers of Light… By Abhi

Embers of Light

Title : Embers of Light and the sacred secret
Author : Abhishek Gupta(Abhi)
Pages : 365
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd

Ratings :

Cover : 3/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Theme : 4/5
Story Line: 4.5/5
Writing & Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Characters : 5/5
Plot, Twists and Suspense : 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

Embers of Light and the sacred secret is an epic tale of five human beings coming together to face a noxious evil threatening the peace on earth. These five humans; a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, a Chinese karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker are teamed up together by the leader of an alien race living secretly on earth for centuries.

This alien race, the Vaashis, is terrified as a strange ‘Y’ shaped symbol appears in the sky. Based on some bizarre prophecy and some occult trick, the vaashis group together these five individuals, changing their lives forever. These five are the embers of light that are prophesied to fight against a darker evil.

Meanwhile, a guy named Nicklaus meets his so desired angel as his dreams grow more and more intense each day. But is it really that angel which he wished for?

It is the story of how their lives intertwine. They chose to stand even when destiny tried to rule against them. This is the story of five ordinary humans who followed their destined path against all conspiracies.

  • The author succeeds in creating a fantasy epic with everything narrated to perfection.
  • Amazing plot and placement of story right from the starting till the end.
  • The beautiful way in which each character is given life of its own. A crucial task done with perfection.
  • A pacy story unfolding a new mystery at every page.
  • The suspense, which the author cleverly maintains at every stage, intriguing and challenging the reader to the very last.
  • How the sacred secret remains a secret leaving the reader waiting anxiously for the second installment.
Setbacks :
  • Non I would like to mention.

Review :

“An epic tale of fantasy bound to keep you glued till the end. Fantasy and mystery at its best. A milestone in Indian Fantasy Literature.”

A first look at the book gives a rather average effect of yet another fantasy book written by yet another newbie. But as the book unfolds its intelligence and potential as it progresses, all those preliminary thoughts about the book and the author vaporizes. With every page, a new identity of author is formed, one of a genius story teller.

Being a hardcore fan of fantasy, thriller and mythology this book brewed a certain curiosity in me. I have come across many fantasy tales and this certainly was another milestone in this fantastic journey.

First of all I would like to thank Abhi for creating something worthwhile. The book is plotted at a time when darkness starts brewing over our precious earth. A strange ‘Y’ shaped cloud forms inn the middle of sky. While the humans are busy wondering as to what that symbol stand for, an alien race called the Vaashis, living secretly on our planet for centuries knows exactly what it stands for. And there starts the tale of five heroes, the five chosen embers of light to protect the earth from this growing darkness.

Vaashis, the blood of angels, is a mysterious race which settled on our earth centuries back. Now the story has its own twists and suspense, ready to be exploited by the reader. The turn of events results in five embers against the most powerful of angels, the royal devil.

The story is cleverly weaved into a  fantastic tale of good against the bad. But the ingenuity of writer gives it a totally different taste. Abhi manages to keep the readers glued to the pages. With the reader lost between a fast paced story, there is no time for boredom.

One of the interesting things about the book is how the characters uplift the entire story. Every character has its own role to play in the story which is ingeniously shaped and structured to give a realistic touch to the story. The element of ‘Surprise’ overcomes the ‘Guessing’ and the ‘Predictive’ element in the book. While you will be busy guessing the most probable outcome, the author will surprise you, every time.

The way in which the mysteries have been revealed in the book are just  commendable. It’s like watching a magic show where the magician tells you about a trick but keeps it till the end to build anticipation and enthusiasm in the audience. The ending leaves the reader craving for the next part. I want the second part in my hands right now!

So overall it was a fantastic read. I would like to thank the author for delivering such a great fantasy novel in the Indian market. It was a great experience reading this book. A powerful script for a Hollywood flick(just because they could deliver better screenplay with awesome graphics). All the best Abhi for your book. Would definitely like to see it on the best sellers list.


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