Ebbs & Flows… By Amitava Chaudhari

Ebbs & Flows

Title : Ebbs & Flows
Author : Ebbs  & Flows
Genre : General Fiction
Pages : 125
Publisher : Blackbuck Publication

Ratings :

Cover : 2/5
Theme : 2.5/5
Writing & Style : 3/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 2.5/5
Presentation : 2.5/5
Overall : 2.5/5

Overview :

Ebbs & Flows is a collection of thoughts and imagination. The book is a collection of short stories based on normal lives. These life situations can be faced by many of us or maybe none at all.

The aim of this books is to deliver those ebbs and flows of emotion, those small things in life which everyone can relate to.

Highlights :
  • Some of the highlight stories of the book are – Man & Beast, Story of a Thief, All in Your Mind, The Love Letter, The Last Journey.
  • In some stories the writer has managed to touch the most simple and beautiful of emotions.
  • The stories are fictional yet real.
  • Writer’s simplicity and beautiful ideas.
  • That “let’s pick this book” aura is missing.
  • Novel readers might be a little disappointed.
  • Some of the stories disrupts the fluency of book.
  • Needs a turnover.
Review :

 “A simple and sober book dealing with the most common yet remarkable moments of life. A good read.”

So this is one of those books which you pick you during travel or outing. The book portrays mixed moments of life which each and everyone can connect with.

The book starts off with the story MAN & BEAST which gives the hint of what is o come. The story is beautifully expressed, reflecting the cordial relation between animals and humans. Next come the STORY OF A THIEF, an interesting and delighted read. The ending will put a smile on you face and might make you laugh.

Then there are stories or i must say life experiences which are common to all, or maybe none. The stories are simple but engages the reader. The book is a short one and can be finished in a go. There are more stories which you would like or just be done with them.

The stories are delicately woven in a short books. The writer has done a good job. In between those sophisticated fiction write ups, this books delivers a pinch of reality.


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