This is a note written on the behalf of a mother.  Who expects Nothing but Love..


Dear Son.
23 Years ago,  I was bearing a life in me . That was the First time I felt I m alive,  I lived for u .. and I m dying because of ……
U were in my womb,  a lovely and beautiful Feeling of every woman’s life,   I was Very happy and glad …
You know u used to hit a lot, that pained;    but I Smiled because that described your presence.
Things have been Changed so much my son,  now it breaks my heart when u hit me now…
I Remember son, I ate only to feed you..I left my food to care u… those awful nights when u used to wake me up… were lovely..I dint slept.. but loved Watching u sleep…
Times have Changed my son , u don’t give a space to sleep..
For the First time when u called me.. maaa.  It Was one of my life most wonderful word I ever listened…
Time have changed my son,  now you Address me differently.. Years passed I haven’t listened maa…
A mother can nurture many son.. but a number of sons..cannot nurture a mother! ..
You are my son.  And I m sin to u…
Now.. What I am to u – a burden!
Time is Passing Just like these wrinkles on my body ..
And my eyes getting weaker.. but still waiting to see you Love you.. touch you.. hug you..
When comes to this old age home,  I feel dead..
I felt you First in my womb…hope u come back before I go to tomb..

Stay blessed
Your Mother.
From – Tannya Seth
To all children!
Value those lives ( your parents ) who gave you a life to live!!


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