The April Fools’ Post

1st April, known world-wide as the ‘April Fool’s Day’!

Now there’s a tradition of executing practical jokes and hoaxes on our friends and family members. It’s a day when we can say anything we want and cover it up with “April Fool”.

It’s quite an interesting way to start a month with fun and pranks. A happy and funny month ahead! But sadly we won’t be able to entertain you or make you happy from now on. You can call it an irony of 1st April or anything else, but The Author’s Blog is near its closing time.

Yes, you heard it right, we won’t be posting short stories, poetry, book reviews or interviews anymore. We tried handling our blog over to someone else but we couldn’t find a suitable person. So, at last, we have decided to shut it down.

Now you can take it as a April Fool joke if it makes you happy. Because that has always been our purpose, to make you happy. But not anymore. We are here to bid our goodbyes.

Adiós Amigos!


Note:It’s just a tradition. Don’t Panic!


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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