Interview #8 (Vishwas Mudagal, the latest best-selling sensation!)

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Well, hold your breaths for we present to you the ‘Exclusive Interview of Vishwas Mudagal with The Author’s Blog’. Vishwas is the latest best-selling sensation and youth icon in India!

A hot-shot first look at vishwas!

Vishwas Mudagal
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Name : Vishwas Mudagal
Book : Losing My Religion
Website :
Facebook :
Lives in : Bangalore

Losing My Religion
Is Vishwas a competition to Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi, the current kings of Indian publishing industry?? Read it all in this exclusive interview.

  • Congratulations on becoming on becoming a best-selling author! Did you predict your debut novel would become a sensation?

Thank you! No, I didn’t predict it, and nor did I think of my novel in that direction of success or failure. ‘Losing My Religion’ is my passion, and I believe if you follow your passion, the world will follow yours. I can probably say that this theory of mine has been validated.


  • Let’s start with a formal introduction for our readers. Tell us something about your daily schedule and the things which define you and your lifestyle.

I am Vishwas Mudagal, an entrepreneur and storyteller. I am a hardcore technology entrepreneur, who runs a unique software product development and innovation firm called GoodWorkLabs.My company helps global MNCs, startups and entrepreneurs conceive, build and launch software products.

We create beautiful and innovative software and mobile products.My schedule is mostly dynamic. But I usually do a 20-minute workout in the morning and then get busy with clients and GoodWorkLabs team.Marketing for ‘Losing My Religion’ is also keeping me busy. I try to catch up on movies every now and then; I am a movie buff.

Storytelling is my passion, and I have embraced it as my parallel career. Whenever I am writing, I usually do it at night, locking myself in a room.


  • ‘Losing My Religion’ is your first novel. Tell us something about it.

‘Losing My Religion’ is essentially the story of a fallen entrepreneur whose life takes an unexpected turn when he meets an American hippie and sets out on an uncharted journey.It’s a rollercoaster ride that brings together adventure, travel, gaming, reality shows, and characters that are real, living, and breathing.

Rishi, a fallen entrepreneur, is the epitome of today’s ambitious youth, and wants to change the world.Alex, a hippie, is the other end of the spectrum—the epitome of human evolution; this is where the human race will one day want to be—free from within.And Kyra, a mysterious gamer, who is the beauty, the passion, and the intellect, which are the core of being today’s woman. 


  • Your novel has a unique story-line. When did the story come to you? Were you confident that your readers will like the story or you had second thoughts about that?

Yes, I had a lot of confidence in my story from the beginning; I believed it was a story that had to be written and it had to be read. However, I wrote the story for myself, not to please anyone else. LMR is my labour of love, an act of pure passion. I was the audience and I was the storyteller. The storyteller in me had to entertain the audience in me, and, trust me, I am a tough audience to please. I never thought about what will people think or will they enjoy it, as long as I loved my story.

It all started five years ago, in 2009, when my Internet start-up went through a rough phase. Although we had managed to get good user traction to our website, we couldn’t monetize it effectively and we had to wind it up. I didn’t know what I should do next…

One of those days, I happened to talk to an ex-colleague, who told me that he was taking a sabbatical and going on a year-long journey on his bike across India. I was left amazed listening to this, and instantly wanted to do that myself . . . go away, kill all the tension inside me, and look at everything else later on.But I couldn’t do that for a host of reasons. One reason was that I became the CEO of a Canadian MNC.

However, a bizarre idea struck me, that of writing a book on the situation I was in. But I decided to make the protagonist of my book go on a journey that I couldn’t in reality. That’s how Losing My Religion started and took a shape of its own later on. 


  • The story of ‘Losing My Religion’ is somewhat about the travel experiences of the protagonist. He travels to Malana Valley, then Om beach of Gokarna, then to the Kumbh. Are you a person who loves to travel? Have you ever visited the places you have described in your book?

I love to travel, visit new places, meet new people, relish different cuisines and rediscover myself through these journeys. They say, not all those who wander are lost, but I believe for the ones who are lost, wandering is the only way to find themselves.Travel is the food for the soul and definitely the inspiration for my storytelling. Anyone and everyone I meet become my inspiration.

I have visited almost all places written in the book, Om beach, Goa, Haridwar, New York, etc. The only place I haven’t visited is Malana, however I have visited Himalayas extensively in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.


  • How did you set the balance between your current job and this book’s work?

It was tough to balance. I took 4 years to write the book and 5 years to bring it out in the market. My passion was the only thing that kept me going and making it a story that I was satisfied with. On the other hand, my family has been really supportive through these years.

I used to write at a stretch for months together and stop for months together. I usually write at nights or during weekends, mostly locking myself in a room.Also, LMR was handwritten. Initially I tried writing it on my laptop but I never got the flow.

My work never suffered. I keep my work away from my writing.


  • ‘Your story motivates the youth for not losing hope’. What’s your view on that?

It’s great to hear you felt it that way! It’s an incredible feeling that my story is motivating the youth. It’s surreal. I actually didn’t realize it when a couple of them told me. But I am overwhelmed by the response from so many readers . . . they tell me they derive inspiration from LMR. They are reaching out to me to express their love for the book and the characters, even telling me their life stories and asking me suggestions and seeking guidance.

I believe the biggest reason for this is my characters are very real. There is Rishi Rai in each one of us. The youth correlates with him instantly, because he is young, cool, ambitious, eager to reach the stars, yet he is vulnerable, gets hurt and falls. Right now, the youth is chasing success and they often forget to enjoy the journey.The message in LMR is simple—follow your passion, and things will eventually fall in place. And this message is delivered in a story that is gripping, entertaining, and in a way that they will never forget.


  • Your protagonist belongs to the gaming industry. Pretty new thought. So, do you play games often? Are you one of those gaming addicts?

I am not a gaming addict. I do play games sometimes especially on my mobile. Also, my company GoodWorkLabs builds gaming apps on iOS and Android for global clients.

I introduced gaming because it is cool and it’s a rage among the youth; they connect with it easily across the globe.And next, I wanted my story tohave a romance that thrilled me totally and I figured what’s better than a combat gaming championship to bring Kyra and Rishi face-to-face for a fight. I wanted a sizzling chemistry and I made it possible through a kick-ass nail-biting game.

Every theme/topic/issue in LMR is very relevant to today’s world and the youth, and that’s exactly why the youth is connecting with the story.


  • ‘Reading your book is like watching a blockbuster movie.’ Do you have any plans to approach the Bollywood with this story?

Majority of the readers feel that ‘Losing My Religion’ should be made into a Hollywood movie. Surprisingly very few of them mentioned Bollywood till now. Perhaps because the characters are all international, except Rishi.

Even critics and few people from film industry feel it’s perfect for a movie because it’s a complete plot and has everything to become a blockbuster. It’s too early for me to comment on anything. Only time will tell.


  • Are you currently working on a new project? Would you like to share something about that?

I am not working on any new project actively. Although I am very tempted to tell a story of a man set in the future. This idea is not leaving me in peace. Just like how LMR troubled me to write it. But I am not sure when I will start writing it.

Readers are also asking me to pen a sequel to LMR and even telling me to do it fast.It’s amazing for me as a storyteller that people are so excited to read my next book already. But honestly I do not know what will I write next and when will I write it. I have definitely promised myself that I won’t take another 5 years for the next one.


  • According to you, what’s the most difficult part about writing?

I would say romance. At least, romance, the way I wanted to write. I struggled with Kyra and Rishi’s love story for a long time. I rewrote that part 8 times. Last week a reader messaged me that I have redefined romance with Kyra and Rishi and all that hard work was paid off in that one message.

Also, characterization is definitely challenging. I researched a lot, worked a lot on different aspects to make the characters real. They now live, breathe and bleed.


  • Are you into reading? Who’s your favorite author? And your favorite book?

I do read, but not much. My fav author is Ayn Rand. Fountainhead is my fav book.


  • What’s the importance of writing in your life?

Writing and storytelling are my passion. I will continue to write stories that are meaningful and entertaining, in a trademark style that I have established. My readers will be entertained, always! And I will respect their intellect.


  • What is your advice for young and budding writers?

Write for yourself, never for a single moment doubt yourself or your story. You are your audience, your critic. The day you finish your book, if you are happy with it, then you are done. If it helps, remember this Rule no. 1 – Believe you are born to do great things, and you will.

Having said all that, please ensure you complete writing the story. I have heard that 99% of the writers don’t finish writing their story.


  • Your view about us, i.e., “The Author’s Blog”.

TAB team, you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and you will go places!


  • One final question – Who is Vishwas Mudagal’s competition? Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi? The comparison is natural because all three of you brought a unique concept to the market through the debuts and became bestsellers.

Vishwas Mudagal has no competition. Storytelling is my passion. I don’t think about writing in terms of competition, industry trends or commercial success.


So that was all from Vishwas Mudagal’s side. We hope you enjoyed this amazing interview session as much as we did. Thank you Vishwas sir for this incredible interview with TAB.
Losing My Religion‘ is the trending best-seller, grab your copy before it’s out of stock!

You can buy the book here :
Flipkart  Amazon  uRead  Infibeam

Thank you for your love and support.
Keep reading… Keep writing.

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