Maaya : A Tryst With Self… By Minal Arora

Maaya A Tryst With Self

Title : Maaya – A Tryst With Self
Author : Minal Arora
Pages : 216
Publisher : Ocean Paperbacks
Genre : Spiritualism/Self -Realization

Ratings :

Cover : 2.5/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 4/5
Writing & Style : 3.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

This is the story of woman, Maaya, who took a divine journey within to understand her self better. This divine journey took her through the most critical phases of her life. As she moved towards realizing and knowing herself better, the cosmos revealed various secrets and paths to her, which totally changed her life and perspective.

Maaya falls in love with Rahul when she touched a part her which she had suppressed long ago in order to become the perfect girl for the love of her life Kunal, whom she was engaged to. But soon Maaya realizes her feelings for Rahul and the instability of her marriage. She decides to let go of Kunal after six years of marriage, with her son Aryan.

The book is based on concepts of soul mates and twin souls. Various other concepts and therapies like ‘Past Life Regression’ have been unfolded in the book.

Highlights :
  • A different book with an unusual theme which provokes the reader to challenge his/her beliefs.
  • Beautiful writing style.
  • Maaya, the protagonist of this book is a strong character and seems almost life-like. Other characters are also beautifully presented.
  • Book provides a knowledge regarding various therapies helpful in healing ones’ current and past lives.
  • Spiritual upliftment  through progressive writing and deep faith in the divine and the cosmos.
Setbacks :
  • For a reader picking up the book for its theme, there are as such no setbacks in this book. A general fiction reader looking for another twisted story might get a little disappointed.
Review :

“A spiritual journey enlightening various aspects of living life in its purest form. A guide, a healer, a friend and a wonderful experience. A book worth reading!”

As soon as I read the blurb of the book, a certain curiosity started brooding within about the theme of the book. It didn’t seem like one of those juicy love stories, and I wasn’t expecting it to be. The things described in the introduction of the book were somewhat new to my understanding.

Maaya: A tryst with self, talks of something greater, much purer. It’s a spiritual journey which will take you through various phases of Maaya’s life. Maaya is a strong and life-like character. There is this shade of reality about her which makes her much more interesting. She’s weak, she’s caring, she’s loving, she longs for love and she believes in a greater life.

Maaya is in love with this guy, Kunal, who loves her but somehow manages to mould her into his ideal partner. Giving to her love and compassion, Maaya suppress her feeling and starts wearing the cloak of that ideal girl for Kunal. But things change when she meets Rahul during her one of her friends wedding. He touches a part of her which was long suppressed within her. She instantly feels some strong attraction towards Rahul.

Now the story has it’s own twists and turns which i would not like to reveal here. You would have to go buy the book and read for yourselves.

The story talks of some interesting facts and concepts which are generally hidden from normal people. Now I might not be a believer of some of these but I have heard and read stories about them(Other than the book of course). So putting aside the doubts I delved deep into the story and its essence. It was a beautiful experience!

The beauty with which the author manages to touch a part of the reader is commendable. The writing style and philosophy of Minal reflects her real-time caliber in this field. She has creatively molded an emerging philosophy into a beautiful story. The book has the potential to encourage and motivate anyone with a spiritual  shade to adopt a purer and better way of life; a life guided by divine beings and the cosmos itself.
The concept of soul-mates and twin-soul was somewhat intriguing. Minal has beautifully expressed her thoughts and backed them with a strong philosophy/theory.

Overall I was completely satisfied with the book. I might still doubt the validity of these concepts but i am just a normal human. Maybe I too need some spiritual guidance in my life! Well yes, the book is thought provoking.
So go for it if you are looking for a somewhat different experience. No matter what you  believe, the book will surely amaze you with its content and variety. All the best to Minal for her book. May it reach and touch thousands of deserving souls.


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