The Busted Thread

At times we come across things that make us laugh and at the same time, set things right. This small incident traces its steps back to a time when things could have gone wrong if not for the frivolous attitude of one of my friends.

Ram was an impulsive fellow. All his decisions were based on his mood and state of mind, then and there. So after having a nasty break-up with his girlfriend around 3rd semester results time, in which he failed, he decided to end his life. But instead, he was seen beating the door of Aryan’s room, cursing and abusing him. As soon as we heard the news we gathered around Aryan’s room and calmed him down. While other were busy talking to Ram as to why he was so angry, I took his phone to get any clue. Soon I found the sms-thread, the root cause of that dramatic scene. Here’s what it looked like –

Ram : I quit!

Aryan : Quit wat? college? grlfrnd? the band? library membershp? or being an asshole? 😛

Ram : I just dropped my bottle of poison… Fuck your timing!!!

Aryan : I have some rat poison… it can help.

Ram : Go to hell!

Aryan : I hav 2 go 2 d gym frst. You go. I will be rite behind u…

Ram : *@#$*@*@*$*&%*#@**&^@

Aryan : Fuk! I knew u wer one of those extra-terrestrial thngs… can u fly?

Ram : RUN

I showed it to the rest of group and we all burst into laughter. Everyone hugged and patted Ram’s back and warned him not do anything like this in future. All the anger on Ram’s face soon drained off. We called out Aryan outside and congratulated him for being an ass; which he actually was. His mischievous attitude served as savior of Ram’s life. Ram beat the shit out him in a play-fight later.

So this was one incident which made us laugh and set things right. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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