Night of the Vampire – The Vengeance

Night of the Vampire - The Vengeance

The wind brazed against her delicate body as she hustled through the narrow streets, her mind fighting hard to keep pace with the body. Her fear-stricken eyes scanned every possible corner to find a way out; an escape route. She glanced back in between just to encounter the infernal shadow making its way closer with every passing moment.

She took a sharp turn and jumped over the brawny broken-wall just to land over the debris on the other side. She stumbled and landed to one side injuring her elbow in the process. She collected herself and with all her remaining strength paced towards the dim lit lamp-post, almost 50 yards away. Half-way through, a shadow dissected her way tackling her with all its force. She slumped into a panic attack as she saw a claw-like hand tightening around her neck.

A high-pitched scream flooded the eerie silence of the shady streets; a scream competent enough to give you goose-bumps during a comedy movie. Her body shuddered in a moment of frisson as she saw a smile emerging on the noxious face.


Suddenly the shadowy streets were flooded with pale fluorescent lights emanating from different vantage points all around. Spot boys & instructors started gathering around the scene as the director rose from his chair. Soon the harsh scream was subdued by the great applause and cheering of the entire cast present. Her panic-stricken face was suddenly overpowered by an elegant smile as her lover finally kissed her, a long-awaited kiss, with the camera still rolling.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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