Nazaqat… by Sasha H. Singhal

COVER —3/5


The  Story proceeds as flashbacks narrated to a writer whom naazani (the protagonist) has hired to write her biography. She appreciates literature and firmly believes that literature paints eternity .She was bought up in the isolated ambience of Dehradun as a daughter of an army officer, later shifts to Delhi for higher education. Only internet accompanied her through the childhood ride. The mega city Noida thr Series of changes rolled and she chooses prostitution as her profession, unlike other gals who are   forced into it for money or so. Sex is a superior grade fun and entertainment held in her own high self-esteem and probably way to explore mundane. On a stroll one night she saw a group of call girls being arrested by police, which stroke to her very senses of conscience and humanity. She decides to take a stand for complete legalization of prostitution in India. She is good of resources and money that leads to opening of a food chain ‘joy foods’. There is lot huge drama and thrill that leads to an unexpected climax, baffling the reader.


The title and blurb let my  thoughts grapple against each other, each time guessing a new story but reading it was kind of different. The book stories a stupendous blend of drama, thrill and fantasy. Author has beautifully characterized the protagonist (Naazani singh shekhavat)   ramified into three different personas (naez,naazani & nazaqat). As the story proceeds, protagonist reflects great qualities of self-independence and rationalism defying dogmas of society. She is opportunistic and reluctant to be chained in love or relationships.The writing style is lucid with normal English used. Thera are various amazing one line  definitions that will certainly push mind in caves of ponder.The narration delicately touches issues of feminism, prostitution and homosexuality .It gives reader a great new perspective and an insight into existing varied spheres of society. Author should be praised   for poetic justice and antagonism mirrored,though poetic justice was incomplete. The story line and the plot is well crafted .

It’s an excellent read and classically enthralling.

Beauty of the book

  •  The cover Title and blurb is amazing urging to be read.
  • Issues of homosexuality ,feminism and prostitution are delicately touched and portrayed.
  • One line quotes by SASHA H. SINGHAL  are Thought provoking.
  •  Strong reflection of a modern self independent girl.
  • The book urges reader to to ponder over legalization of prostitution in India.
  • Unexpected climax.



One thought on “Nazaqat… by Sasha H. Singhal”

  1. the book is cool but the who reviewed this book is more awesome ‘coz he has reviewed the book in a very spectacular way….!!!


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