Newton’s Law Reversed… By Howard Roark

Newton's Law Reversed

Title : Newton’s Law Reversed : Conflict – Some evade, some efface, while most embrace
Author : Howard Roark
Pages : 172
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Frog Books(Leadstart Publishing)

Ratings :

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3/5
Blurb : 2.5/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Story : 3/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4/5
Overall : 3/5

Overview :

Newton’s Law Reversed… is a philosophical manifestation of author’s thoughts and is represented in a short story carved somewhere between those thoughts and ideas. Akash, the male protagonist, is our current generation fellow who stands along scientific principles and relates everything to these principles. Ganga, the female protagonist, is our small-village girl who, contrary to the traditional image, is quite educated and has a perspective towards life.

The story drools around a South Indian village where Akash studied as a child. On his trip, Akash encounters a village girl Ganga who knows English and is witty enough to counter his theories. The story goes on, directed and lead by Akash’s thoughts. He founds himself in a dilemma with life, why he can’t let go, and why he can’t accept love.

Beauty :
  • A different taste.
  • The impressive writing style of author.
  • Intriguing philosophical theme around which the story is build.
  • Good characterization.
  • Beautiful reflection of thoughts in a way that appeals the reader, settles in and gives way to a new thought process.
Beast : 
  • The layout of the text makes it complex and irks the reader to move forward with the story.
  • Not a compelling story for fiction fans.
  • The overall presentation of the book could have been better to deliver a much better understanding to the reader.
Review :

“A philosophical advancement in a story well narrated. The author shows his ingenuity through his writing. A good book.”

A well written book. Newton’s Law Reversed is nothing you can think about. The book reflects the thoughts and ideas of an amazing writer. I appreciate the author’s courage to come up with a book like this.

This is not one of your usual flicks, where there’s a guy, and a girl, and there’s love. Contrary to fact that the book is mingled with these factors, it’s a completely different experience. The ‘thought-mode’ that the writer used is inspiring. And those hand-made picture in between just added to the gist.

The book is a lil’ slow paced in the starting. You might feel a lil’ lost in somewhere between the text. Now this could have been eliminated by good layout of the text. The transition phase between the present and the past could have been a lil’ smooth. The reader might feel a lil’ lost in the starting. But once you get the gist of it, once you’re familiar with the transition phase, things start getting better.

The different perspectives the author has shown through his writing are commendable. The vocab is superb! The language is beautifully blended with thought provoking writing. The reference of newton’s law of cooling by Akash is indeed interesting. The unusual chemistry between Akash and Gangs is a thing to watch out for. Nothing sort the traditional romance thing.

The father-son relation is just beautifully expressed. The arguments based on theories, the reason behind those arguments and the cleverly written dialogues, thumbs up. Howard Roark has done a wonderful job here.

Overall I felt that the book was quite good. Although the experience could have been better if there was proper direction to the reader. The different angles used in the book lacks smooth transition. The first half of the book is quite complex for a normal reader as he’s lost somewhere between present and past. There could have been a line of separation for a smooth transition.
But that’s all falls on the presentation part. The writing part is impeccable and delivers a satisfactory read. All the best to Howard for his book. Would love to read some more of his psychological-fiction books in future.


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