‘LOVE @ Air Force’ – Book Giveaway


“A heart is a more sophisticated device than a sukhoi….”

For all our readers, thank you for TABbing with us for whole 1 year. Today, i.e., 15th March 2014, we have completed a successful stay of 1 year in your hearts. Thanks for showing faith in us.

Now in the name of this wonderful journey of ‘The Author’s Blog’, we would like to announces a wonderful giveaway of a wonderful book, written be Gaurav Sharma, named ‘LOVE @ AIR FORCE‘.

“The violent romance of the Fighter planes with the clouds in sky… the pulchritudinous Officers walking around arrogantly… the runway with the logo constituted by the concentric tri-colored circles in the background… is the spectacle meets our eyes at the feeble mention of the Air Force but there is more about the Air Force besides these…”

 This is getting critical appraisal everywhere and now you can have an ‘Autographedcopy of the book for free, delivered to your home.

In collaboration with Readers Cosmos, TAB is organizing a Giveaway of 3 autographed ‘LOVE @ Air Force’ copies.


Just answer a simple question in the comments…..
According to you, what is LOVE?

Just write your answers in the comments section below.

That’s it….. (If you want you can leave us a birthday message too :P)

Contest will end at 23:59, 19th March 2014.

The best 3 answer will be chosen and announced after 20th and then would be asked for the mailing addresses.

You can give multiple answers too.

So keep on TABbing.


14 thoughts on “‘LOVE @ Air Force’ – Book Giveaway”

  1. Love is that feeling which can exist between anyone or everyone. Love is often criticized and confused to be especially between the two opposite sexes. But that’s definitely wrong. Love is a feeling of care and bliss.


  2. I have penned a poem titled “The Eternal Bond” based on love.
    The Eternal Bond
    When two souls unite,
    Deep within, infinite love ignites.
    New respects and relations evolve,
    Feeling of oneness begins to dissolve.
    In the river of life, forms a ripple,
    And in a short span, happiness multiplies triple.
    As the days pass by and lengthen,
    The bond between the duo, strengthens.
    Forgiveness and sacrifice is vast,
    Till the grave, true love ever lasts.


  3. Love is gleeful,
    But when things fall apart
    love becomes awful.
    Love can make you go crazy,
    the visions around go hazy.
    Love makes you restless,
    it’s about being selfless.
    Love is all about being in love !
    And yes, Happy Birthday to you.
    Birthday Wishes


  4. For me love is waiting for my next jump after my accident from 30000feet while doing para jumping.
    For me love is lying on hospital bed and still dreaming of flying again soon with both legs fractured.
    For me love is washing and ironing uniform yourself before wearing it with a sense of pride.
    For me love is the eagerness to read your book just because it contains the word Air Force in its title.
    For me love is always dreaming for Paramveer Chakra.
    For me love has a different and unique definition…..but one thing is for sure…I m in love with my uniform, gun and my organisation.
    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day… Happy Birthday…God Bless You


  5. For me love is that and never ending feeling that cannot be discribed in a word or sentence.So i am sorry that i can not give my suggestion by writing just a sentence. But if you want to know the answer just love anyone from your heart you will find the answer.


  6. People say, I want someone to be there for me. They forget that God is always there for us. People say, I want someone to care for me. They forget that God cares even when we forget Him. Fall in love with Him, He will hold you, He will protect you, He will care for you, He will always be there for you.


  7. Love is caring about the health, well being and happiness of another more than your own. It is the greatest gift given by God. However, the definition of love depends on a person’s perspective.


  8. Love is the greatest gift God ever gave man. Love is not wanting to go anywhere without her. Love is not caring what other people think about the two of you. Love is when you feel depressed and sickly when you’re not with her. You feel like your life has no meaning or purpose without her. And that if she wasn’t holding your hand you would float away to heaven from where she came. Love is caring for her physically and emotionally. It’s telling her everyday, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, for no just reason that you love her. Love is telling her u want to spend the rest of your life with her. Love is wanting to marry her even tho ya’ll haven’t been dating that long. That you would do anything and everything for her. It’s the feeling that you would give up everything just to see her smile or look into her beautiful eyes or hear her soft, soothing voice. Love is pure happiness. Love is the feeling you get when all you have to do is think of her and it brings a smile to your face and a yourning to your heart. Love is not being able to think about nething but her. Love is having the sweetest dreams about her and waking up with a smile on ur face. Love is an overwelming feeling of pure bliss when the 2 of u kiss. Love is wanting to hold her in ur arms till the end of time. Love is wishing ur time with her never ends, that your lips would be locked together forever, that she’d be in ur arms till the end of time, that u could cuddle with her for all of eternity. Love is being helplessy and deeply in love with her and knowing your love for her and your feelings for her will never change/end. Love is the world, the world is love, and she is the world to me..


  9. He asked, “What is love?”
    She smiled , threw herself in his arms
    and stayed there for hours staring at his eyes.
    And then she whispered, “This is love.”


  10. while working on the lathe machine, she made a cut in her finger tip.. blood drops poured out from her finger tip.. it was so sudden that she didn’t understand whatever happened… a guy, with Brown hazel eyes, appeared from somewhere of the lab and took out his hanky, cleaned the blood and put the antibiotic on her finger cut… she was calmly watching his every action… then she saw the tiny tear droplet coming out from his left eye… she turned down to wipe it and he raised his head… their eyes met… her cute smile and his teary eyes met… they didn’t utter a single word but their innocent silence was saying everything…. that was love…
    when our innocent heart start caring for someone,that’s love… when we start feeling the pain of someone, that is love..
    love is a feeling of togetherness when one soul knotted with other…..


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