The Exiled Prince(Book 1)… By Ravi Venugopal

The Exiled Prince

Name : The Exiled Price(Book 1 – The Crystal Guardian Series)
Author : Ravi Venugopal
Pages : 262
Genre : Mythology/Epic/Fantasy
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing
Source : Author/Publisher


Cover : 4.5/5
Title : 4/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 4/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

The plot circles around the legendary Ramayana and related mythologies. The main theme of the story is based on a legend that there exists a crystal, Crystal of Creation, which encompasses the supreme power of Lord Narayana and Lord Shiva. This crystal is the single most powerful weapon in the entire universe, with the power to create, destroy and recreate the universe several times. And this crystal is gone missing!

So now it’s upon the shoulders of our great warrior prince Rama to find the crystal before anyone else.  And here begins the adventure of our Lord Rama, beyond the walls of Ayodha, outside the protection of his family and Gurus. Powers, much greater than the celestial powers, come together and create chaos, panic and history.

Witness a epic tale, a tale which has never been heard before, right through a different point of view, as the immortal Rama comes to life and describes his quest for the Crystal of Creation.

Beauty :
  • The cover of this book is amazing and urges the reader to pick it up and delve deep into the story.
  • Beautiful representation of figments of the epic mythology through the point of view of Rama.
  • Intense study and research which has led to various elements highlighting small but versatile piece of history.
  • A different setup giving a different perspective to look at the various characters in a different manner, with a different mindset.
  • A complete in itself narration which opens a door for the reader to move to the next book.
  • Brilliant writing with a fresh perspective.
Beast :
  • For those who have watched or read the traditional mythology, the turn of events in the book might pose a problem.
  • Some of the characters are overly justified which in turn doesn’t blend well with the story.
Review :

“An epic tale narrated in a classic style. Carries the grandeur of the traditional mythology with a new taste and perspective that is enchanting. Bound to become a best-seller.”

Being a hardcore fan of mythology, I was deeply impressed when I first heard about this book. The cover and tile of book itself implanted a certain curiousness inside that compelled me go one on one with this book.

The book starts beautifully giving the reader a hint of what’s to come in the further books. It starts somewhere in the British raj from where it flies beyond time, the time before time. The story trails off with Rama narrating his story to his sons, Luv and Kusa, and Hanuman with his brothers by his side. The story talks of something bigger, something more enchanting than the traditional story with which we all are familiar with.

The writing style and narration of the book is just amazing. The narrations maintains a smooth flow which is essential for these mythology books. This story is about a bigger cause, the crystal of creation, which by some mysterious way has gone missing. So the greater ones(Sages and celestial Gurus) decides to find this crystal before it falls in the wrong hands. And that’s how the story of Rama begins, with a greater purpose than anyone can ever imagine.

I personally loved the concept of narrating the story through Rama’s point of view. It gives the story an all-together different feel. The incidents and vents are described beautifully through masterful narration and ingenious writing style.

Now, as Indians we all know the epic tale of Rama and Raavan. At some point or other in our life we must have heard or seen it somewhere; in books and TV. Now being a fiction book, some events have been improvised and twisted to blend in the new theme of the book. The traditional reader might encounter a conflict with what he knows and what he’s reading in the book. For those who know a different chain of events in Ramayana(different versions) might doubt the validity of this text.

A different perspective of Queen Kaikeyi comes into picture which is both interesting and aberrant. These intrinsic changes develops a certain taste and interest in the book.The author has showed his genius by slight improvisations and enhancements. I am sure Mr. Ravi has done extensive research for this series in order to deliver the best to the readers.

I personally loved this book. The book itself holds the first part of the story with more parts yet to come. That’s the thing with duology, trilogy etc, they leave the reader curious and wanting more. And this book certainly has that aura and aspect. The various events in the book are depicted beautifully and a new perceptive towards some of characters is creative.
So go for it, no matter if you like mythology or not, you’ll surely love this book. I would very much like to see it on the best-sellers list and is eagerly waiting for the next part.


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