Musical Martyrdom

As far as vision went, rough and drought affected land was reflecting sepia to the eyes. But, yeah, a giant stage was breaking the continuity of famine affected terra firma. The stage was as big as a huge size pond which would be enough to serve water to the whole town. People had started to gather in front of stage. Their white turbans which had not been washed for last four years had now become pale because of their sweat. Their eyes were half in hope and half in terror. They hadn’t seen this before but if it worked that would be a whole life changing happening. A lot of cacophony was breaking the death silence of wasteland.

The stage was decorated in all white. Three long white curtains were hanging freely and flowing towards backstage due to burning desert breeze. Four men were standing on stage with white guitar in their hands. Eyes closed, calm nerve, numb face…nothing was moving in them. A knee long white jacket was enveloping their emotionless body. A few drummers were also there in same attire and same impassive gesture.


‘Sir, Stage is ready.’ Man in big mustache said looking through the ajar door.

A well built man in his late twenties sitting naked on a couch in a green room, looked up after inhaling weed from the ticklish naval of a girl lying naked on her lap. Giggling uncontrollably. His eyes were red as he saw that man on door. He realized ‘it’s the time’. He threw that girl off of his lap and her golden waistband detached from her belly. He slipped in knee long red jacket and obscured his head with long black hood which was attached to jacket. He then picked his red guitar and moved with that man towards the stage.

As he immersed to the stage, cacophony of crowd again vanished in the deaths of inhospitable surroundings. Every single eye was at the man standing on the stage. He removed hood from his face and his eyes dazzled even in evening light. It took two minutes to recover from glare and he took the hands off from his face. He then removed his jacket and threw it in the crowd. As soon as he exposed naked, a strong thunder lightening almost scared the people around. A sudden wave of squeal pierced the silence of desert. He comprehended the signal of acceptance. He realized that was time. He held his guitar. Drug was already running in his veins and now he was feeling it. He felt very light on his feet as he touched the guitar string. He yanked on the mike and held it tight near his mouth. A turnaround of his faith and simultaneously of town was about to commence.

People were becoming restless.

In no time he started singing. The other men were just following his composition. As the song progressed the light breeze started turning into strong, powerful wind. Crowd was finding difficult to stay at their place. They were hiding their eyes and turning their head in the direction of wind. But on contrary the five men on the stage were calm and unaffected, erect and levitating at their position.  As levitation started, as their feet untouched the stage, as they ended their song, the sand near the stage began to sink towards the bottom ridge of stage. Crowd standing near the stage backed up in utter disbelief. A formation of chasm had started below the stage. The whole stage was now sinking with the sand to nowhere. But unlike the stage, the five men were still levitated, hanging in air, hooked to nothing. The stage had now entirely submerged in sand and there was no sign of it as if it never had been there. Five men levitated in the air opened their eyes as once again the eerie silence was spreading in the desert. They smiled looking at the desirous faces and dry lips in crowd. They spread their hands upward looking at the sky and in a fraction of a second they were dragged powerfully in the sand which had now turned in water with their jump. The thrust was so powerful that the splashed water sprinkled at each and every person in the crowd. The town was now, after the several years, blessed with a pond. They proclaimed with joy “musical martyrdom has been accepted”. 


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