“Hey you mister!” She blasted words on me. I could feel the impact of each word hitting my face, and even some amount of saliva mixed with them. “Why the hell were you staring at me?” She looked damn cute in her ‘angry mode’. Her hairs were dancing on her face. They were kinda helping her to calm down by distracting her attention from me. Her hairs also wanted attention; just like me.

“Me?” I behaved as if I knew nothing. My behavior was so innocent that I could even win over a newly born baby in terms of innocence.

“Yes you!” Ah! I felt like kissing her at that very moment. I felt like packing her up in the tight grip of my arms and then….. then a long smooch. ‘Koi to rok lo!’

“I wasn’t staring at you… although you were staring me since the time I came here.” I didn’t let that moment go so easily. I cashed it as much as I could. I didn’t want to be a lover who can satisfy only his eyes. I have many other parts! Dirty Mind.

“WHAT???” She spat the word so hard that it sounded like reality check for me. ‘What the hell did I just said!’ “Why would I stare at yeau?” That ‘Yeau’ was really different from the ‘You’ typically described in English dictionary. But this was not the time to think about ‘You’ but It was time for me to think about the cover for what I have just said. What to do?

“Yes…… Aaaa….” I cleared my throat and then with full confidence I spoke up, “You are staring at me because I am Hot and Sexy.” What? I really said that? “And why the hell would I stare at you?” That’s comparatively good.

She thought nothing and said, “Because I am Hot and Sexy too!” Victory.

I raised my eyebrows. She noticed. I smiled in mischief. She noticed that too. She was feeling shy and the only thing she could do now was to smile and finally, adjust her hairs. Typical girl attitude.

I was lost in her thought when Rahul shook me and asked, “Abe aage kya hua? What happened next? Bata bhai!” He was getting restless now. And I knew how to behave in these situations.

Nothing bro…… Then we went for a coffee… then movie… and then……………” I took a long pause in between to raise the bar of excitement within my audience of 7 singles who were listening to me patiently to know ‘what happened next?’

 “Then what?” Said Navdeep. I could see the lust and pain of being single in his eyes.

 “Then………… Ding, dang, ding, ding, dong, ding ,dong…….” I continued playing the hit music of ‘Ek do teen’ of Madhuri Dixit and left my audience alone in the room to curse me and their relationship status, ‘SINGLE’.




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