No Man’s Land… By Nilesh Shrivastava

No Man's Land

Name : No Man’s Land
Author : Nilesh Shrivastava
Pages : 295
Genre : Fiction
Source : Publishing House
Publisher : Fingerprint Publication

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

The story deals with the fact that, land stays put whereas man comes, and goes. Still, land affects the lives of each of us. Some of us are connected to it in a way only we can understand while others have their own reason. The story revolves around the principle characters, i.e, Agastya, Pranay, Shaswat, Karan and Shreya. Other than these Dushyanta, Ramdev and Shailja plays important roles. The story is centered around developmental activities around Gurgaon in the 90s. The story-line is impressive and compells the reader to move forward.

Beauty :

  • Beautiful characterization. The whole story-line is empowered with the help of strong and realistic characters. A job well done!
  • A well woven story. The story through different angels runs parallel along all the chapters.
  • Writing style of the author is commendable. A delight to read.
  • The writing portion itself is self-sustaining. Somewhere in between the lines, the author has created something worthwhile, something to be praised.
  • The story is beautifully structured. You won’t lose your interest or the plot.

Beast :

  • The end of the story is somewhat mediocre.

Review :

No Man’s Land is definitely a book one should look forward to. Sharp story-line, realistic characters, unusual plot and solid philosophies, all woven together to deliver a definite page turner. This would be a tough competitor in the best sellers list.

I really loved the way in which the author awarded souls to the various characters in this book. One can easily relate to the characters. The philosophies, the mindset used is just amazing. It’s really encouraging to know that Indian market is finally receiving books worth reading. A positive sign to look forward to Indian Literature.

Coming to the story, it’s quite crispy and you wouldn’t be bored. I really liked the characterization of this book. Every character seems to be equally real in terms of it’s mindset. Agastya, a man bowed down due to heavy weight of his past. He’s the propagator of this story and the story circles around him and his 50 acres land which he inherits from his father. Then there are Pranay, the legitimate son, and Karan, the bastard son. Both of them are equally unfamiliar with their father. The emotions propagated throughout the story complies with the characters developed.

I really loved the part played by Shreya. Nilesh has beautifully represented a character one can encounter in real life, quite often. A girl can make or break a man’s life, Shreya portrays it all. How a woman can rule hearts and set fire to them at the same time, how she fights and keep fighting for her family, how she picks herself up when the world tackles her. It is a strong character in the story and i personally liked it.

Overall, this book is interesting and will keep you glued till the end. This would surly be on the best sellers list this year. Congratulations to the author on a delightful book and  all the best for it’s success.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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