Delhi Literature festival 2014 has now ended and with that we are here to talk about that one session which we liked the most, The Book Launch of Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by C. Tabrik on day 2.

C. Tabrik, full of enthusiasm and happiness starts reading the tag line of his book which he claims is based on the future of politics in India. “India has a new Prime Minister. But is Siddhartha Tagore the product of his genius or of his dangerous mind.” He looked full of confidence regarding his book and the current scenario of politics.

He starts to talk about Narendra Modi. He says that he is the only one for the race of PM who is standing without family background of politics but he says that he is there with a question mark on his head and that question mark is the most interesting thing to look upon in the future.


He starts with the prologue of his book which was dated as 31st December 2016. The time when India will experience the general elections. His book reading proved that the book is full of suspense and thrill. He created the environment of Pokhran, the location where prologue of his book is set, using his words and forced us to feel the deserts in a mere conference room.

He quoted a verse from Bhagvada Geeta during the prologue read and it was, “I became the death, the shatterer of the world” and he also talks about the vedic politics, these two things made us think that he is as good in mythology as in politics.

He said that the books contains politics, love story, bisexual individual etc. So it would be a great read indeed.

He talks about Kejriwal too and said that “He is not anarchist but revolutionary.” He also said that Kejriwal is a small Tsunami and Modi is a big Tsunami  in Indian politics. He sometimes seems to be lost in politics too much that forgot about talking about his book.

He also quoted that, ‘Expect the mud when you enter into politics.’ He also talks about women saying that, ‘We call our India as mother India not father India.’

Then began the sessions of questions from the audience. He seemed funny and cool as well as confident while answering every question. TAB wishes him best of luck for his book and may it reaches the hearts of each and every individual who reads it.



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