Five reasons why DLF-2014 was a flop

Though flop seems a bit harsh and judgmental word yet what will you call a fest which welcomes, in its all three days of running, hardly, hardly thousand visitors? What will you call it if its each session is attended by only ten or twenty audiences (If we ignore the last session of fest in which Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was guest)? What will you call it if no buyer relented on publisher’s book stalls mounted for selling their bestsellers? Now I think ‘flop’ seems lenient now, doesn’t it?

We scrutinized the reasons why this happened. Why we can’t label it with success despite of decent management and being sponsored by big names.

1.       Comic con and auto expo: Event organized parallel to literature fests always affects adversely. And when it comes to literature versus comic con everyone knows who will win. A lot of visitors preferred to afford comic con and auto expo over free literature fest.

2.       Not so attractive art (at least they think so): No matter how much books are releasing every month and how many book readers groups are forming on facebook, literature always struggles  to reach at the first spot on ‘my hobby list’ of majority of youth.

3.        It’s just second time: That was just second time, Literature Festival was organized in the Delhi. So may be people were not aware of this kind of event. Probably one or two more events would be needed to create the anticipation among the people.

4.       College fests happening around: The reason why youngster didn’t come to this event lays on the fact that many students were attending their college fest. Now that’s interesting that they found college fest more attractive than the lit fest. A point of consideration for organizers.

5.       Nothing for bloggers: We think it was the major factor. There was nothing for bloggers. No sessions, no invitations, nothing. There are lots of bloggers in India who are doing great and are quite famous too. That was surprising to see that nobody showed up there. Blogs might have been the medium of publicity. The more bloggers would have covered it, the more readers would have read that and more people would have showed up. But nothing happened.

These were the reasons what we think is responsible for this flop fest. We hope next year we won’t get this disappointment and literature and literature fest both will gain the respect what it deserves.


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