Delhi Literature Festival Events(Day-3)

So guys…. here we are with the day three events. Don’t worry we won’t bore by bragging about ’em all; just a glimpse.

Day three, as scheduled, started around 11.10 am. Unfortunately team TAB reached around 12.30 pm and missed the first event. The second event was with Bernardo Carvalho where he discussed some of his creations and some personal life stories.

Next we moved on to attend the exciting and intellectual session of PACH : Poetry Club. Some wonderful poems were recited by the various members of the group; both in Hindi and English. Some of the poems energized the atmosphere with their simplicity and creativity. The group seemed to be well-coordinated. The members are quite close to each other. Each performance was followed by a small teasing session by other members of the club. Overall it was ‘Entertainment Highlight’ of day 3.

Then there was this session where some authors were to talk about the art of writing erotica and how this genre is entitled as a taboo in current scenario. But somehow the session turned into a publicity event of the book “Sita’s Curse’ written by one the panelists Miss Sreemoyee Piu Kundu. The situation worsened when Mahatma Gandi was dragged into the conversation. The topics changed to SATYAGRAHA,  CELEBACY, PATRIOTISM etc etc.

Followed by this was an event where some panelists discussed about the art of play-writing. The discussion was all about how this art never achieved a level it deserves and how Hindi literature lacks a great play as till now.

In the end, the highlight of the day, a conversation with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Maybe everyone was waiting for this session because as soon as the honorable chief minister arrived in his blue wagonr, the conference hall which seemed to be deserted a few moments back was flooded with a stampede of people running around to get a glimpse of the COMMON MAN. Because of the heavy crowd, there was not much scope for the members of team TAB, i.e, us.

In the end we made of way towards Nimi Vashi from readers cosmos. Being the official promotion partner of the event she had been busy all day long. The small chat session was nevertheless very interesting. It’s always a pleasure to listen to someone whom you admire. She enriched our happiness by gifting each member with a set of four books. A BIG thanks to her for those wonderful books. Team TAB is  looking forward to work with her again.

So that was all from the final day of the Delhi Literature Festival 2014. Team TAB will be back on its track of Writing, Book Reviews and Interviews. Thanks all for your love and support.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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