Our journey of day-2 of DLF started with the interaction with the Iranian artists who were professionals in the field of wood carving and metal carving. They discussed about their passion and skills. That was pretty good interactive session between the artists and the audience. Someone from the audience asked the artist that how can the artist say that wood carving is a living art; can he justify the word ‘Living’? To that the artist gave a brilliant answer, he said that ‘when the wood is broken, it dies. I give it a new life and a soul to live.’

After this session we forwarded to the 2nd venue of DLF, i.e. in the lawn where the open session about the reading clubs were going on. The session was a pure fun and also drew many conclusions about why we should join the reading clubs. Some of the reasons were; it helps us to explore our-self, it enhances our ability to express, its like watching the mirror image of your own soul, it helps us having conversations with strangers, your club member are the first listeners of your work. We really loved one thing said by Saumya Kulshrestha (Founder of PACH) that a book is written three times, first in the mind of author, second on the paper and third when the reader reads it.

Then we attended the book launch of Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister by C. Tabric. His book is a kind of a political thriller and he looks brilliant in the political genre. He talked a lot about politics and then synced it with the sections of his book. He talked about Kejriwal and Narendra Modi and addressed Kejriwal as small Tsunami and Modi as Big Tsunami. That session went out brilliantly but unfortunately because of some health problems, the author Mr. Tabric fainted on the dice and the session ended there.

There was one more book launch today, Holy Smoke, it’s a godman! Delhi’s honorable law minister Mr. Somnath bharti was there for the book launch and he was accompanied by ambassadors of Brazil, Sri Lanka and Spain embassies.

Then began the session which was most awaited by the audience. Nikita Singh, Sid Bahri, Neeta Iyer and Rajiv Soni were there for the evening. Session started with the question about pre-marital sex and then it forwarded to the homosexuality from there it went to divorce  cases. There were different opinion of each individual and that was the beauty of the conversation! In mid conversation Mr. Somnath Bharti enters the lawn and becomes the part of the discussion. Many questions were shot on him and he tried to dodge over each question.

Overall today we had great fun and events were also really good. Stay with us to know what happened on the last day of Delhi Literature Festival 2014.


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