Delhi, at present, is experiencing it’s very own literature fest for the second time in a row and TAB was there today for it’s coverage at IGNCA, Janpat, New Delhi.

We arrived the venue 1 hour prior to the inauguration and could see that the environment was almost set for the event. The help desk was getting ready and registrations for media persons were being carried out. At some distance from there were stalls of different publishers which were in process to showcase the  books of various publishing houses.

In the mean while team TAB met with Nimi Vashi ma’am from Readers Cosmos. We had a short chat with her. It feels great to meet and have conversation with the people you admire. You feel pumped up a little.

Then at around 5:40 pm, we were inside the Seminar Hall where the inauguration ceremony was about to start. As we entered, one person from management enthusiastically invited us in. Yeah, it felt great. We took our seats amongst the 200 seats of which half were occupied already.

Scheduled time for the start of the event was 5:45 pm but event started at 6:05 pm. Chief Guests took their respective places near the podium and with that the inauguration ceremony began.

Supriya Suri, founder director of DLF was the first one on the podium to interact with the audience.  She talked about the forthcoming events and what’s new in this year’s DLF. She emphasized that this time the event was of three days and will be held at two different venues. She looked a bit nervous during her speeh.

After Supriya Suri, came T. Manian, member of Parliament and he came as the starter for the DLF audience. He takes up the topic of poetry. He said that he never understood what poetry is and also have met some poets who can’t even understand their own poems. He said that when he was pursuing higher studies with mathematics as his subject, he bought a book full of poems to understand this genre. He then wrote a poem of 14 lines as a sonnet with the word ‘absence’ and won the first prize for it. He finds the poetry similar to the mathematics algorithms.

After him came dancer turned actor turned author, Hamsa Moily who recited some poems from her book Homecoming which is a collection of poetry. She recited ‘Dance’ which was a kind of tribute to her passion of dance. And the other was based on politics. Her voice and poetry took the whole atmosphere to some another level.

Then came the man himself, the legend, president of ICCR, Dr. Karan Singh. He walked up slowly towards the podium and then took over the whole seminar hall. He was the main attraction of day-1 of DLF. He started with the topic of lack of interest of our youth in literature and mainly the books. With machines and digital media taking over the books, he went over other topics. He also shared that he started collecting books at the age of 8 and now he had around 25000 books with him. He also shared that at the age of 15 he had read all the series of Sherlock Holmes and many other foreign writers. He recited many poems like ‘Who’ of Sri Aurobindo and when someone asked him from the audience to recite something in Hindi, he said a Sher of Faiz sahab and then he began with Tulsidas. He told us about the diversity of Indian literature. According to him, we are the only country that has written in over 30 different languages. He also talked about his new arrivals, ‘Meeting with remarkable women’ and ‘Triveni’. At the end he finished his ‘speech’ with his own poem and made us utter in unison, ‘Waah’….

After this ceremony, a book launch event of Mahabharat’s Secret wirtten by Christopher C. Doyle took place.

That’s all from Day-1. We will be back tomorrow with all the happenings of Day-2. Stay safe and keep TABing.


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